ECOO Board of Directors – Call for Nominations 2017

August 6th, 2017

The Nominations Committee of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario has opened the Call for Nominations for positions on the ECOO Board of Directors for 2017 -2018.

The nominations period will close on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 5:00 pm

ECOO works to support the effective use of technology in the classroom through:

  • hosting an annual conference;
  • forming partnerships with other educational organizations and vendors; and
  • liaising with the Ministry of Education.

ECOO members are invited to share their enthusiasm and expertise by serving on the ECOO Board of Directors.

If you want to be actively involved in running your organization or wish to encourage the involvement of a colleague, please submit nominations for positions on the ECOO Board of Directors.

ECOO Board positions for the 2017 election:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Director at large – 2 year term
  • Director at large – 2 year term
  • Director at large – 1  year term (backfill for a resignation)


Additional Information:

  1. the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer are elected annually. These positions serve on the Executive Committee.
  2. The four  Director-at-Large  positions support long-term goals and functioning of ECOO, and are elected for two-year terms.  Each annual election sees two Director-at-Large positions filled for a two-year term.
  3. conference chair to be selected by the elected board


ECOO Members update 2017-03-31

The running summary of the board meetings for the current Board of Directors has been created for member reference here.  This link will be included in each newsletter communication, as well as posted on the website.
Please answer the ECOO Survey – it will just take a few minutes and provides you with your opportunity to participate in the Board’s planning process.

We are in process of tidying up the ECOO website blogroll. If you have a blog that you would like to include in the blogroll Register your blog by clicking this link. Your blogroll should appear on the website within a week or two.


 BringIT, Together 2017(#bit17), the technology-enabled education conference sponsored by ECOO (that’s us!) and OASBO/ICT. The conference will take place November 8-10, 2017, and will once again be held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls.  Whatever your role may be in our education system, if you are using technology to change and enhance your practice, you need to be there. Follow the details as they are announced at  BringITTogether 2017.

The Call for Proposals is now open for BringIT, Together 2017(#bit17), the technology-enabled education conference sponsored by ECOO (that’s us!) and OASBO/ICT.  This is the largest conference of its kind in Ontario and it brings together educators from across the province and beyond, providing an excellent opportunity for you to share your learning and to learn from other exemplary educators.  Click here for more information and instructions for submitting your proposal.
ONTARIO SUMMIT featuring Google Apps for Education. April 8-9, 2017.   Eastwood CI, 760 Weber St. E, Kitchener, ON


LONDON ONTARIO Summit featuring Google Apps for Education, May 27-28, 2017. Saunders Secondary School, 941 Viscount Rd. London, ON

Enjoy two days of inspiring keynote speakers, empowering hands-on breakout sessions, and fun activities including a high-energy demo slam.  Choose from compelling sessions about all the Apps in the G Suite for Education (Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, YouTube, Classroom, Maps and more) as well as sessions that go beyond the tools that feature cutting edge best practices in educational technology and great teaching!

CONNECT 2017 April 25-28, 2017
Scotiabank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON
CONNECT is Canada’s largest education technology conference. We have attracted over 2000 participants, plus countless Exhibitors and Sponsors that came together under one roof to share best practices and expand our horizons of education technology in an ever increasing global and digital economy.
Do you know of a professional learning opportunity you would like to share? Fill out  this form, and your event will appear in the next monthly mail-out.

#BIT17 Call for Proposals

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The Call for Proposals is now open for BringIT, Together 2017 (#bit17), the technology-enabled education conference sponsored by ECOO and OASBO/ICT. The conference will take place November 8-10, 2017, and will once again be held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls. This is the largest conference of its kind in Ontario and it brings together educators from across the province and beyond, providing an excellent opportunity for you to share your learning and to learn from other exemplary educators.

Technology is transforming education at every level. Students use digital tools to help them learn alone or with others anywhere in the world, and to document and demonstrate their learning. ICT professionals enable learning through their work.  Educators and leaders access expertise, connect with others, and open their practice. Children learn the language of technology through coding.  Whatever your role may be in our education system, if you are using technology to change and enhance your practice, we encourage you to consider presenting a session at the conference.

We intend to offer sessions reflecting a wide variety of relevant educational topics including but limited to professional learning and leadership, deepening your practice, open learning and sharing, effective use of technology to positively impact the learning space, collaboration,  innovation, makerspaces and empowering student learning with digital resources.

The conference opens on Wednesday, with our very popular Minds on Media session and a number of half and full-day sessions as well. These are intended as hands-on, workshop style sessions. The sessions on Thursday and Friday will be 50-minute presentations. We will also be offering Innovation Station sessions again this year. These are opportunities to share your research, learning, and innovative practices in a method less formal than a facilitator-led session, in a venue similar to a trade show booth. Innovation Station sessions will run in the vendor hall over the lunch hours on Thursday and Friday.

The deadline for proposal submission is April 7, 2017. The committee will evaluate proposals as soon as possible after that date, and everyone who submits a proposal will be notified of the outcome, by mid June.

All presenters must register for the conference:  presenters of full day sessions on Wednesday (up to three per session) will receive two days of free registration, while half day presenters (up to three per session) and lead presenters of 50 minute sessions will receive free admission on the day they present. Regrettably, we can provide free registration for only one presenter per session on Thursday/Friday with the exception of Bringing IT Together sessions where one educator and one ICT professional/technician will each receive free registration on the day they present.

If you are a classroom teacher, to avoid disappointment we recommend that you consult your school administration regarding release time and funding for expenses (accommodation, travel, etc.) prior to submitting a proposal.  To submit a proposal, please click on the appropriate link below.

More information on the conference can be found on the conference website:

Session/Workshop Proposal for Educators and Non-Profits
Proposal for Educational Technology Start-ups
Proposal for a Vendor-Sponsored Session      

L’appel de soumissions d’ateliers est maintenant ouvert pour BringIT, Together 2017, la conférence des technologies en éducation parrainée par ECOO et OASBO/ICT. La conférence aura lieu du 8 au 10 novembre 2017 au Centre des congrès de la Banque Scotia à Niagara Falls. C’est la plus grande conférence du genre en Ontario. Elle rassemble des éducateurs d’un peu partout dans la province et même d’au-delà. Cette conférence est une excellente occasion pour vous de partager vos réussites et d’apprendre avec vos collègues.

La technologie transforme l’éducation à plusieurs niveaux. Nos élèves utilisent des dispositifs numériques pour apprendre seuls ou virtuellement avec d’autres gens n’importe où dans le monde. Les intervenants en technopédagogie facilitent l’apprentissage par leur travail. Les enseignants et les leaders réseautent virtuellement et partagent leurs pratiques. Les enfants apprennent le vocabulaire de la technologie par le codage. Quelconque est votre rôle dans le domaine éducatif, si vous utilisez la technologie pour enrichir vos pratiques pédagogiques, nous vous encourageons à partager votre savoir à la conférence.

Nous souhaitons offrir un grand éventail d’ateliers pédagogiques touchant, entre autres, le perfectionnement professionnel, le leadership, l’amélioration des pratiques pédagogiques, l’apprentissage libre, le partage et la collaboration, l’utilisation efficace de la technologie en salle de classe, l’innovation, les makerspace et la bonification de l’apprentissage par l’entremise des ressources numériques.

La conférence débute mercredi avec la session Minds on Media, en plus de sessions de demi-journée ou de journée complète. Ces sessions jumellent ateliers et sessions pratiques du style main-sur-les-touches. Les sessions du jeudi et du vendredi sont principalement des présentations d’une durée de 50 minutes, mais nous offrons aussi la possibilité de sessions doubles (d’une durée de 100 minutes). Cette année, nous offrons également l’option de “sessions poster” dans la zone nommée Innovation Station. Vous pouvez y partager vos recherches, vos succès, et vos pratiques innovantes dans un format moins formel qu’une session traditionnelle. Chaque station d’innovation présentera un tableau simple devant lequel les intervenants peuvent échanger à la manière d’une foire commerciale. Affiches simples, ordinateurs portables ou tablettes peuvent être utilisés pour démontrer et partager vos coups de coeurs, pratiques ou succès. Les stations d’innovation auront lieu dans le salon des exposants pendant les heures de repas du jeudi et du vendredi.

La date butoir pour soumettre une proposition d’atelier et le sept avril 2017. Un comité évaluera les soumissions par la suite et avisera les postulants de sa décision avant la mi-juin.

Tous les présentateurs qui seront choisis pour présenter devront s’inscrire à la conférence. Les présentateurs (maximum de 3 par session) des sessions d’une journée complète du mercredi auront droit à deux jours d’inscription gratuite. Les présentateurs (maximum de 3 par session) des sessions du mercredi d’une durée d’une demi-journée auront droit à l’inscription gratuite pour la journée du mercredi seulement. Les présentateurs (maximum 1 par session) des sessions du jeudi et du vendredi auront droit à l’inscription gratuite pour la journée de leur présentation seulement. Veuillez noter que nous offrons une seule journée d’inscription gratuite par session, et ce uniquement pour le présentateur principal même si la session est coanimée. Dans le cas où la présentation fait partie des sessions Bringing IT Together où un éducateur et un professionnel en TIC ou un technicien coaniment, les deux animateurs auront droit à une inscription gratuite pour la journée de leur session.

Si vous êtes une enseignante ou un enseignant en salle de classe, nous vous recommandons d’obtenir l’approbation de votre direction afin d’assurer votre financement (dépenses d’hébergement, de voyage, d’inscription, de repas, etc.) avant de soumettre votre proposition, et ce, afin d’éviter une déception.

Pour soumettre une proposition, veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous.

Plus d’informations sur la conférence sont disponibles au site Web :

Proposer un atelier – Éducateurs et organismes à but non lucratif
Proposer un atelier – Entreprises naissantes
Proposer un atelier – Entreprises      

Presentations Committee
BIT17 Conference

Let’s do it again – Bring IT, Together 2017

The organizing committee for our annual conference,  BringIT, Together!  is getting things rolling.  The co-chairs for this year are Brad Ross, OASBO ICT Rep, and Carlo Fusco, ECOO Rep.  You can contact them directly at

Mark the following dates on your 2017 calendar, if you haven’t already!

Bring IT, Together!  #BIT17
Dates: November 8, 9, and 10
Location: Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls.

The call for session proposals will be issued very soon.  It’s not too early for you to start thinking about what session you would like to present at Bring IT, Together, #BIT17.  Presenters receive free admission to the conference on the day they present.

Minds On Media is returning to #BIT17.  Last year the ballroom was filled with stations of experts that shared with those who chose to speak with them.

If you want to see some videos from last year’s Minds On Media and a sample of sessions, visit the BIT Facebook Page – videos  A selection of photos can be found here BIT Facebook Page – photos

The committee is looking forward to bringing you another outstanding conference.  See you in November!

Peter McAsh


ECOO Board of Directors, 2016-17, finalized

The ECOO election process held last fall for our Board of Directors left us with a number of vacancies to fill.  Our call for expressions of interest to fill these vacancies yielded a number of submissions for each of the open positions. After taking time to consider roles, experiences, skill sets and needs of the organization, we are pleased to announce the following positions:

President Mark Carbone
Vice President Candace Bamber
Treasurer Harry Niezen
Secretary Richard Parker
Director at Large Jaclyn Calder
Director at Large Chad Mowbray
Director at Large Lee Martin
Director at Large Dominyk Kuhn-Bach
Conference Co-Chair Carlo Fusco
Past President Bill MacKenzie