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Socially Gearing up for the ECOO Conference

by dougpete

The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario’s annual conference is fast approaching. Ontario (and other) educators will gather in Richmond Hill for this big event.
Learning in the NOW Century Register via CEvent

Registration is open!

The keynote addresses by John Seely Brown, Norah Young, and Michael Fullen promise to get your mind thinking about what it means to be an educator in the year 2012. Surround this with educators sharing what they’re doing and a big exhibition hall makes this an event not to be missed.

Run by educational volunteers for educators, there should be much to appeal to everyone’s interest in the use of technology in the classroom.

Socially Gear up for #ecoo12 with Twitter, Facebook, and Lanyrd

The hashtag for the event will be #ecoo12 and people are already using it to discuss things leading to the event.

A Facebook group has also been created so that folks can talk about the various professional learning sessions to be enjoyed. All of the sessions are available for preview on lanyrd.

In many cases, social media kicks in at the event. It’s great to see what people are learning at the event and to gauge the enthusiasm for what’s happening.

It’s interesting to see what happens when the social kicks in a month before the event. If you’re going, why not chip in your thoughts and perhaps let the world know what sessions will interest you. After all, all the sessions are available now for your review.

With over a month remaining until the conference, join us and let us know that you’ll be there. What sessions are you planning to attend? Get some ideas and thoughts out in the open so that your presenters know where your interests lie. Tweet with the #ecoo12 tag, comment in the Facebook group, and consider checking out the lanyrd site and features of the lanyrd apps and mobile site that help tie your social media to the conference schedule.

We all would love to hear from you; let’s use the social to the best of our abilities so that when we gather in Richmond Hill, we can hit the ground running.

ECOO 2012 Conference and Keynotes Announced!

ECOO 2012 logoThe year is 2012 and we are well into the 21st century. How many times have you heard that you’re a 21st Century teacher? Are you preparing your learners for the 21st century? It’s time to move beyond the term ‘teaching and learning in the 21st century’- we’re teaching and learning in the NOW Century!

ECOO 2112 Theme "Learning in the Now Century"

Join us October 25-26, 2012, at the Parkway Sheraton Hotel in Richmond Hill, Ontario for the annual ECOO Conference: Inspire, Connect, Learn. Our theme for 2012 is Learning in the NOW Century. Learn from your colleagues, share your strategies and bring your learning community into the NOW century! A variety of pre-conference events will be held on Wednesday, October 24, including the ever-popular Minds on Media.

Keynote presenters include:
• John Seely Brown
• Michael Fullan
• Nora Young

See you at the Conference!

Feature: “The High Tech Class” in OCT Professionally Speaking

"High-Tech Class" collage
OCT photographs by Kevin Hewitt from Professionally Speaking, March 2012

Several members of ECOO were recently featured in the Ontario College of Teachers journal, Professionally Speaking. Clockwise from top left, Charles Corradini , Danika Barker, Kent Manning, and Mali Bickley share how their students are learning using technology.

Congratulations to these exemplary educators on their continuing leadership!

An excerpt from the article: “Where did we start looking? At ECOO 2011, the annual conference of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario, which brought together more than 600 professionals to share best practices and new ideas around using technology in the classroom.

One conference highlight, Minds on Media, featured 12 Ontario teachers demonstrating and coaching others on the exciting ways they use technology. They are exactly the kind of teachers we plan to spotlight in a new Professionally Speaking column on technology in the classroom, launching next issue.” (emphasis added, ECOO)

Read the full article in your copy of Professionally Speaking, or online at the OCT website.

Young Canadians in a Wired World, Phase III

Media Awareness Network releases report

The Ottawa-based Media-Awareness Network  has recently released a new research publication, Young Canadians in a Wired World, Phase III: Teacher Perspectives, the most recent in a series of studies that looks at the “behaviours, attitudes, and opinions” of Internet use in Canadian children and youth. Following on two previous studies (2001 and 2006), the new study (released February, 2012) shares the voices of educators from various regions of Canada.

View(PDF) Young Canadians in a Wired World, Phase III: Teacher Perspectives.

In addition to the new document, educators will find other valuable resources in the Media and Internet Education Resources: For Teachers section, including a by-topic and grade searchable database of media-awareness lessons.

Heartfelt Thanks to the ECOO 2011 Community!

To ECOO Volunteers, Participants, Presenters and Exhibitors – THANK YOU!

Wow! What a great few days of learning we’ve just had in Ontario at the ECOO Conference!

On behalf of the ECOO Conference Committee I’d like to thank you for your support of our recent conference, ECOO 2011: Inspire, Connect, Learn to Play – Play to Learn! In planning and organizing a conference such as this, it really is a team effort from a learning community that makes it happen!

Collaborating by aforgrave, on Flickr

To the conference attendees, your participation, both in person and virtually, made this conference a great success! We really appreciated your patience when needed and your jumping in to have fun when we had hoped you would. Ontario teachers know how to have a good time!

To our keynote speakers, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson, we thank you for modeling such great 21st Century practice, providing an interactive keynote, and getting us connected to share our learning. We love the fun you provided to get us connected and learning about and through social media, all the while having fun playing an alternative reality game to save Periwinkle the PLP Penguin.

Dance by Digitalnative, on Flickr

To the presenters who spent countless hours preparing for the one-hour sessions or the full-day Minds on Media facilitation, we are so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Many of you provided links to resources and contact information that can be found here on the online planner or here on the Minds On Media Wiki so that your impact is on-going – we appreciate your generosity as we learn from you.

To our exhibitors, it’s because of your sponsorship that we are able to remain at such a nice venue. Thank you for designing interesting exhibits and prize draws that kept us engaged and chatting about new hardware and software.

Finally, to the wonderful members of the ECOO conference committee, thank you for 3 amazing years of learning and laughter! You provided me such awesome support as a newbie conference chair as we all tried to realize our vision of celebrating Ontario teachers, focusing on learning first and technology later, and growing a connected and networked group of Ontario educators! I know I speak for the ECOO Board of Directors when I express my gratitude to all of you for the time and energy you’ve put into these events!

Learn to Play; Play to Learn (Minds on Media)
Learn to Play; Play to Learn (Minds on Media) by aforgrave, on Flickr

Alison Slack, the upcoming conference chair, is in for a treat as she meets many of the Ontario teachers that will help to make ECOO 2012 even better! Please stay connected to the ECOO community to continue learning and I’ll look forward to meeting again next year!

Brenda Sherry