ECOO Board of Directors, 2015-16

The following ECOO Board of Directors was established at the November, 2015 Annual General Meeting. Eight director positions are elected. The Conference Chair is appointed. The position of Past President is currently vacant. The members holding these positions are:

NOM13_MarkWCarbone Mark Carbone, President
donna_small Donna Miller Fry, Vice-President
newDanBallantyne Dan Ballantyne, Treasurer (interim)
colin_small Colin Jagoe, Secretary
harry_small Harry Niezen, Conference Co-Chair for #bit15
zoe_small Zoe Branigan-Pipe, Director-at-Large (year 2 of 2)
alana_small Alana Callan, Director-at-Large (year 2 of 2)
NOM13_JaclynCalder Jaclyn Calder, Director-at-Large
(year 1 of 2)
IMG_2179 Mark Chesser, Director-at-Large
(year 1 of 2)