ECOO Board of Directors, 2016-17

A number of ECOO members were acclaimed to the Board of Directors, 2016-17 as of the 2016 Annual General Meeting. Several vacancies were filled via appointments as of the February 6th, 2017 board meeting. The Conference Chair is appointed. The position of Past President is appointed. The members holding positions for 2016-17 are:

  Mark W. Carbone,
  Candace Bamber,
Vice President
harry_small Harry Niezen,
Richard Parker,
 NOM13_JaclynCalder Jaclyn Calder,
Director at Large (year 2 of 2)
  Chad Mowbray,
Director-at-Large (year  of 2)
  Lee Martin,
Director-at-Large  (year  of 2)
  Dominik Kuhn-Bach,
Director-at-Large  (year  of 2)
  Carlo Fusco,
Conference Co-Chair
 ecoo_board13_bmackenz Bill Mackenzie,
Past President