Election, October 2013

for Board of Directors, 2013-14

A new ECOO Board of Directors, 2013-2014 is scheduled to be announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on Thursday, October 24 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls, in the Peller Estates Ballroom B. The meeting will begin at 4:00 pm.

Between the Close of Nominations (September 15th) and the AGM, ECOO members are invited to elect their Board from the nominees listed below.

  • We are using an online election system to tabulate our votes.
  • Members have the option of voting online or at the ECOO Annual General Meeting.
  • Members will receive an email with voting instructions. You can only vote once and your voting choices will remain anonymous.
  • The online voting runs until 04:00 pm on October 22, 2013 Eastern Time (US & Canada).
  • New ECOO members who have registered for the conference after September 15 will only have the option of voting in person at the AGM.


Ron Millar,
Chair, Nominations Committee


List of Nominees

The members who have accepted nominations for positions on the ECOO Board of Directors, 2013-2014, are listed below.  An election will take place to determine the members who will serve on the 2013-2014 Board in the roles of Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Manager, and Project Manager.

Biographies for each of the nominees are provided at the bottom of this post.

Nominees for President (1 Candidate)

  • Mark Carbone (ACCLAIMED)


Nominees for Treasurer (2 Candidates)

  • Daniel Ballantyne
  • Mary Hingley


Nominees for Secretary (3 Candidates)

  • Tina Giannopoulos
  • Kim Gill
  • Douglas Sadler


Nominees for Communications Manager (3 Candidates)

  • Jared Bennett
  • Jeff Brown
  • Jane Mitchinson-Schwartz


Nominees for Project Manager

  • Jaclyn Calder
  • Michelle Cordy
  • Susan Watt


Biographies of the Nominees


Nominees for President

Mark Carbone (ACCLAIMED)

NOM13_MarkWCarboneI wish to build on the work done by the current president and board. My focus would be around partnerships, alignment with MoE goals, improved communication and sharing. From a technology view point, an over all focus of technology enabled learning.


Nominees for Treasurer (2 Candidates)

Daniel Ballantyne

NOM13_DanielBallentyneDan has been teaching in the Waterloo Region DSB since 2004 and currently holds the position of Department Head, Canada and World Studies at Bluevale Collegiate in Waterloo. Dan exudes the characteristics of a life-long learner that are foundational to being successful in a position like Treasurer on the ECOO Board of Directors. For example, Dan’s desire to acquire new knowledge and skills is evidenced by his recent completion of his Masters of Education (Leadership Policy Studies) at the University of Western Ontario. His Thesis focused on leadership enactment within the Futures Forum Project (FFP). His knowledge of the FFP, with its focus on the integration of technology in the classroom, would prove very useful in assisting ECOO to pursue its mandate.Dan is a very effective communicator who writes with clarity and purpose. He has been published academically, with his Master’s Thesis, and pedagogically, as co- author of two online learning modules for Civic Mirror. He is an effective and sought-after presenter to small and large groups. Dan has been asked to present on a variety of topics, from increasing student engagement in Civics, to strategies for engaging students through the use of critical thinking challenges and Web 2.0 tools. Dan’s capacity for leadership is evidenced by his involvement in a number of contexts. He is frequently sought after by senior administration for his expertise in the use of technology in the classroom, and strategies for professional development. Dan also played a lead role in the Teacher Leadership and Learning Program (TLLP). He collaborated with colleagues to create proposals, organize agendas and design related materials for two separate series of professional development workshops for WRDSB teachers. Specifically, he identified goals and created activities that would accommodate teachers with various areas of subject expertise.As a department head, Dan leads a progressive and collaborative group of teachers. Dan’s capacity as a life-long learner, communicator, and leader make him an ideal candidate for Treasurer on the ECOO Board of Directors.

Mary Hingley

NOM13_MaryHIngleyHi, I’m Mary Hingley and I am running for the position of Treasurer for the ECOO Board of Directors. I am very excited about this opportunity as I know and work with some ECOO members. I have been with the Waterloo Region District School Board since 2005 after moving to the area, and have been fortunate enough to work in various departments and capacities. My current role is Administrative Assistant for the Information Technology Services department, supporting Mark Carbone the CIO. My responsibilities include reconciling and monitoring a large part of the budget for IT Services, as well as supporting Mark with budget management for the Ministry OSAPAC Committee. I attend and take meeting minutes regularly in my day to day duties. I am highly organized with a strong attention to detail. I enjoy volunteering and welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills. I have happily lived in the Waterloo region with my husband and two daughters for the past nine years.

Nominees for Secretary (3 Candidates)

Tina Giannopoulos

NOM13_TinaGiannopoulosAn elementary teacher (Core French, Music, English) and IT facilitator for the Waterloo Region District School Board, I am an efficient and highly organized person who is able to handle a number of responsibilities simultaneously. I have strong language and communication skills in both French and English, as well as excellent typing and note- taking skills. In my role as Secretary, I would apply these skills to maintaining detailed records of all minutes and resolutions from meetings of the board and Membership. I would be sure to file minutes in a timely manner, in the official minute book of the Corporation and I would express messages under the direction of the Board with clarity. I have had experience serving on a variety of committees that have involved planning for workshops and conferences both at the board and provincial level.As an ECOO board member I would use my background experience to give constructive input during meetings. I am not afraid to ask questions when needed and always strive to think creatively and to consider alternative solutions. Beyond my teaching assignment, I have been involved with student government and social justice initiatives, organizing activities to raise awareness and support local, national, and international causes.Throughout my career, I have always been an advocate of incorporating technology into the classroom to enhance learning. I am curious and love to learn, sharing ideas with my colleagues through online communities and social networks. In my spare time, I play in a number of orchestras in my community and am looking forward to a musical tour of Belgium and the Netherlands in July of 2014.

Kim Gill

NOM13_KimGillI am very comfortable recording and sharing meeting information with a variety of tools such as livescribe pencasts, word processing software (i.e. google docs, word, pages), and create web tools (i.e. tagxedo, padlet, today’s meet, adobe connect). I feel this position would allow entry level participation to the team. I would be honored to work with this group!


Douglas Sadler

NOM13_DougSadlerI am very excited about the direction ECOO is going. I want to be a part of the inertia and keep it going! I have been actively been in IT as a Consultant or Administrator for 8 years. I currently Co-Chair the RCAC Symposium held in London Ontario every year.This year will mark my 3rd Symposium. I have presented at ECOO 4 times and joined in on a Minds on Media Carousel.

I have presented all over the province in conferences such as Leading Learning, RCAC, and Ontario Cooperative Education Summit. I believe my unique perspective as an IT Administer / School Vice Principal give me a unique blend of experiences that I can offer to the board. I look forward to the opportunity to join ECOO.

Nominees for Communications Manager (3 Candidates)

Jared Bennett

NOM13_JaredBennettAs the web-developer for the and, and the lead developer on the HWDSB Commons, a WordPress-based social learning network for staff and students at HWDSB, Jared has experience building platforms in educational contexts that leverage current web software to connect users and foster collaboration. The ECOO organization, and particularly the web-presence of the organization, has an opportunity to help foster those connections and collaborations beyond the annual conference.


Jeff Brown

NOM13_Jeff BrownI am currently employed as a Digital Literacy Support Teacher at the Waterloo Region District School Board. One of the responsibilities of this position involves building a social media presence to communicate the board’s digital literacy objectives to teachers, students and parents. I also continue to look for opportunities to share my experiences with technology integration and social networking with fellow teachers by presenting workshops on digital literacy in the classroom at various schools in my board, as well as maintaining a personal learning blog ( Last year, I was part of the team responsible for coordinating and presenting our board sponsored Waterloo Goes Wireless conference.The purpose of this conference was to initiate and encourage the shift in pedagogy that is occurring in WRDSB classrooms because of the growing understanding of the impact that mobile technology has on students’ learning and achievement. I have attended the ECOO conference for the last 3 years and I presented “From Banned to BYOD” at last year’s conference. I would look forward to the opportunity to work collaboratively with the ECOO membership to effectively create a 21st century learning environment for administrators, staff and students in Ontario.

Jane Mitchinson-Schwartz

NOM13_JaneMitchinson-SchwartzMy background in media production and communications would aid me in the position of Communications Manager. I have been teaching Communications Technology for 16 years and have a Masters in Media Production from Ryerson University.  I have experience in web design as I teach it to Comm Tech students and have developed several sites over the years.  I am engaged and active in social networks in the educational sector. (Yes, I’m a Twitterati!)  I have publishing skills and a good working knowledge of software programs Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to aid in the production of promotional materials.  As a former member of the news media in St. Catharines, Hamilton,Toronto, and Kitchener I am quite familiar with how to generate news release content that will interest media organizations.

Nominees for Project Manager (3 Candidates)

Jaclyn Calder

NOM13_JaclynCalderDo you know that moment just before school starts when you need to organize the framework for all your courses? I love that moment. I love the idea of organizing an entire course around the needs and strengths of my students.This connects to a passion I have for managing projects.With experience as a school board consultant in technology, I have organized and managed large professional development projects in addition to board-wide technology roll-outs.As part of the ECOO conference committee I am co-ordinating two new projects this year – the “Innovative Initiatives” and “The Learning Space” projects. I bring great attention to detail and a logistical thought process to the projects. My ability to communicate well with educators and other companies/agencies has been proven as I support the ECOO conference committee vendor team. In the past I have supported the ECOO conference repeatedly through Minds on Media and as a presenter. Outside of ECOO, I have supported a number of OTF 21st Century workshops, run OTF Connects sessions for Ontario educators and run large TLLP projects. I can be found online at and on twitter as @jaccalder .

Michelle Cordy

NOM13_MichelleCordyAs project manager for ECOO I will bring creativity, energy, ideas, and contribute to collaboration to stimulate the board and the organization. I have successfully applied for and received three major grants in the past five years and have managed the implementation of these projects with teams of various sizes. I have collaborated with teachers, administrators, university researchers as well as people outside of my school board in the education technology industry.Through my experience with applied research and leading projects within my school board, I have learned how to establish a vision, bring the vision into focus and problem solve throughout implementation. I keep student learning as the central focus. I am seeking this opportunity to work with others to make a larger contribution to technology integration in Ontario and beyond.

Susan Watt

NOM13_SusanWattI am currently in my 5th year asTechnology SupportTeacher for theWRDSB elementary schools. In this role I have the opportunity to work with both teachers and students and support them in their efforts to explore and integrate technology. I am a creative thinker and an organizer. I’ve worked on many committees and love to plan and present workshops, presentations, conference sessions, and PD events. I have attended the ECOO Conference for many years and have been a presenter several times. In 2010 and 2011, I worked on the ECOO Conference Committee and organized a variety of very successful Special Events at these conferences, including the Twitter Scavenger Hunt and the ECOO Playground extravaganza 2 years ago. One of my passions is finding new and innovative ways to engage and motivate others. I look forward to bringing my energy and creativity to the ECOO Board in the role of Project Manager. I hope you’ll help to make that happen by casting your vote!


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