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Organization History

Timeline of Events | ECOO Presidents

1979 – 1980 Bob McLean organized the first computer events at OISE.
These events, called Educational Computer Fairs, were forerunners of the present day ECOO Conferences.
The ECOO Organizing Committee was formed – the committee included Irvin Rubincam, Al Anderson, Wayne Jonston, Alan Lott, Bill Maki and Richard Watson.
Bob McLean was the Newsletter editor.
There were 12 members.
1980 Membership had grown to 400
1981 Membership had grown to 1262.
1982 First special interest group was formed: SIGEE. The SIG was later renamed SIG-Elem, and later went by the name of ECOO-Elementary.
1983 Ecoo starts an office and becomes a corporation.
Wayne Johnston designs its constitution and bylaws.
Second special interest group was created: SIG-LOGO.
1984 The Newsletter is renamed The Output.
1985 SIG-CS was formed and held their first mini-conference on Nov 16, 1985 in Waterloo.
The first ECOO programming contest was held that same year, with 22 teams participating.
Doug McDougal was their president.
Sixth Annual ECOO Conference was held jointly with AEDS.
1989  ECOO creates the FOCIS report.
1991  ECOO and ISTE hold a joint Conference.
ISTE is the International Society for Technology in Education.
1996 ECOO starts a web presence, hosted at
1997 SIG-TEL organizes the first annual Home-Page contest, with prizes totalling $1900
SIG-CIEL becomes ECOO’s fourth special interest group.
ECOO conference tops 2000 delegates.
1999 The Quarterly Output is published online as well as on paper.
The ECOO website moves to
ECOO hosts the Secondary Course Deliverables in a shared project with OTF and MET.
Restructuring of ECOO includes changes to the bylaws to reduce the size of the Board.
ECOO gets a new image and a new logo
2000 SIG CS hold their first Webspinners Contest.
2001 SIG CS expanded the annual ECOO programming contest to three levels:
Boardwide (in March), Regional (in April) and Final (aduring or near the ECOO conference).
SIG Ciel holds their own online conference on Yahoo.
2002 OUTPUT became an online publication.
SIG Elem offers their members an online discussion conference in 2003.
2004 Registration for the 25th Annual ECOO Conference was offered online.
2005 ECOO participates in C.O.D.E. “Think Literacy” curriculum project.
ECOO becomes an affiliate of ISTE.
2007 Conference moves to fall timeframe (November)
ECOO social network launches (via
Conference moves to new location (Sheraton, Markham)
2013 ECOO moves the annual meeting to Niagara Falls, partnering with OASBO-ICT in offering the Bring IT, Together! conference.
ECOO Bylaw 11 increases the number of directors from 6 to 10 to better support initiatives during the school year.
2018 ECOO hosts its first face-to-face regional ECOOcamp in Owen Sound.
2019 ECOO hosts regional ECOOcamp events in Owen Sound and Peterborough.
2020 In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ECOO hosts its first virtual conference, ECOOcamp Ontario, during August, 2020.
ECOO introduces the Support Series – Fall 2020 evening learning webinars.
ECOO Bylaw 12 revises the composition of the ECOO Board, introducing an Events Chair role to coordinate events during the school year.
2021 ECOO continues the Support Series – Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 webinar events.
ECOO and OASBO-ICT offer a virtual #vBIT21 conference in February.
ECOO offers its second virtual summer conference, ECOOcamp Ontario 2021, on August 18-19

Timeline of Events |ECOO Presidents

1979-1980 Bob McLean
1981-1982 Irvin Rubincam
1982-1983 Bob Drake
1983-1984 Jo Ann Wilton
1984-1985 Alan Winarski
1985-1986 Gord McKye
1986-1987 Sue Moont
1987-1988 Colin Harvey
1988-1989 Flick Douglas
1989-1990 Nancy Murray
1990-1991 Ron Millar
1991-1992 Doug McDougal
1992-1993 Sandy Mitchel
1993-1995 Paul Ryan
1995-1997 Chris Stephenson
1997-1999 Marilynn Pascale
1999-2001 Bruce Weaver
2001-2002 Lucy Voytek
2002-2003 Pat Bland
2003-2004 Angela Marsh
2004-2005 Kate Vanderhorst
2005-2006 Greg Weiler
2006-2007 Chris Prefontaine
2007-2008 Andreas Ghabrial
2008-2009 Tim Hawes
2009-2013 Bill Mackenzie
2013-2017 Mark W. Carbone
2017-2018 Doug Peterson
2018-2019 Peter McAsh
2019-2020 Andrew Forgrave
2020- Lynn Thomas