#ecoo12 John Seely Brown Keynote

John Seely Brown’s opening Keynote, presented at the 2012 ECOO Conference, 8:30 am October 25th, 2012. (recording)
(@jseelybrown on Twitter)
• conference welcome from Doug Peterson, Conference Committee, ECOO
• introducing comments from Cyndie Jacobs, Ontario Teachers Federation
• comments from Grant Clark, Ministry of Education, Ontario (at 8:00 min)
• keynote introduction by Brenda Sherry, Past Conference Chair, ECOO
• John Seely Brown (at 19:00 min)

John’s keynote is titled, “A New Culture of Learning — cultivating imagination for a world of constant change…” (keynote description)

The ECOO Conference Committee wishes to extend its thanks to the fine folks at ABEL (Advance Broadband Enhanced Learning) for capturing the stream and providing us with the recording of this event.

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