ECOO Announces Co-Chairs for #ecoo13

The Board of Directors of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO) is pleased to announce the joint appointments of Cyndie Jacobs and Doug Peterson as Co-Chairs for the upcoming ECOO13 Conference. ”I am very happy to welcome both Cyndie and Doug into their leadership roles” said Bill Mackenzie, President of ECOO.  “On behalf of the Board, I want to thank Alison Slack for her work this past year as our Conference Chair. The conference this fall was one of the most successful events we’ve had in recent years. I am confident that Cyndie and Doug will build upon the accomplishments of the past year.”

Cyndie and Doug are experienced educators with a variety of diverse teaching backgrounds including consultant, technology officer, university lecturer and facilitator at the provincial level.

Cyndie Jacobs:
Cyndie brings her considerable experience from her work with OTF, including the ‘Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century’ workshops and the OTF Curriculum Forum.  Cyndie is @cyndiejacobs on Twitter.

Doug Peterson:
Doug’s many years of experience chairing the Western RCAC Symposium and his work with the ECOO-CS Computer Science Contest will provide a wealth of expertise for ECOO2013.  Doug is @dougpete on Twitter.

The annual ECOO conference is typically held in the October – November time frame. Keep an eye on the website for the exact date and location when they are announced. If you are not subscribed to the ECOO Update, consider adding yourself to our mailing list to keep yourself in the loop.
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