ECOO Nominations and Elections

Nominations for the 2013 ECOO Board of Directors closed on January 21, 2013. Only one nomination was confirmed for all positions except the Secretary. That position had no nominations and is currently vacant. The incoming Board will fill the position once it takes office following the Annual General Meeting.

Congratulations to the nominees listed below who were acclaimed to their positions.
They will represent you as the new ECOO Board of Directors for 2013.

submitted by Ron Millar,
Chair, Nominations Committee

The ECOO Board of Directors  (2013) 

Nominees for President

ecoo_board13_bmackenz Bill MacKenzie
I am an ICT Consultant for the Upper Grand DSB. From 2002 to 2005 I was the Chair of the Central Ontario Computer of Ontario. Since 2009 I have been the President of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario. Working with our board of directors and conference committee we have succeeded in growing the ECOO conference from an attendance of just over 400 to 1100 attendees this year. As President I have worked hard to ensure that the ECOO membership reflects the entire provincial including voices from all regions of Ontario and all languages. Going forward, I will continue to strengthen the relationships we have built around the province and to reach out to everyone interested in the effective use of technology in our classrooms.

Nominees for Treasurer

ecoo_board13_harryniezen Harry Niezen
Harry Niezen is an Instructional Technology Consultant for the Waterloo Region District School Board. Each day his work provides him opportunity to support the use of technology as an effective tool for student learning Harry has been serving on the Board of ECOO since the fall of 2009 as Treasurer. In that role, he has worked with the Board to being ECOO into a healthy financial position. Beyond the role of Treasurer, Harry is committed to seeing that the voice of educators is heard at this critical point in time as the Ministry and Boards consider the value of technology within the classroom.Harry knows the value of building and working with connected educators. He has served as the chair of the Central Ontario Computing Association (an informal network of ed tech leaders from Board across central Ontario since 2007. He has also been involved as a member of Powerful Learning Practice for the last 2 years. He can be found on Twitter (@harryniezen) and occasionally adds to his blog, Feel The Wind (

Nominees for Communications Manager 

ecoo_board13_aforgrave Andrew Forgrave
Andy is a classroom teacher with the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. He has served three years on the ECOO Board of Directors as Project Manager, and supported the ECOO Conference as a member of the organizing committee for #ecoo10, #ecoo11, #ecoo12.  He has participated in several Minds on Media events, both as session leader and pedagogista, and has attended EdCamps throughout Ontario, including acting as a co-organizer for EdCampQuinte.   As a long standing advocate for the use of technology in support of learning, a former curriculum coordinator, and lead developer for Curriculum Unit Planner for Ministry of Education,  Andy is a co-founder of K12 Student Internet Radio, and actively engages with educators on Twitter as @aforgrave, where he also shares his enthusiasm for radio, photography, and haiku!  Andy blogs occasionally at, and more frequently at, where he explores the role of creativity and digital storytelling in learning.

Nominees for Project Manager

ecoo_board13_brendasherry Brenda Sherry
Brenda is currently an Itinerant Technology Coach at Upper Grand District School Board in Guelph, Ontario, after 20 years as a regular and classroom and special education teacher. Brenda’s passion for technology use in schools comes from the fact that it levels the playing field for all students; providing access to content and participation in new ways, opportunities for relevant and authentic learning within the classroom and around the world, and providing ways for ALL students to demonstrate their learning. Brenda uses social media to connect and learn with teachers both nearby and around the world. She is @brendasherry on Twitter. In her spare time she has co-founded Minds On Media, she chaired the Educational Computing Organization’s Annual Conference from 2009-2011, and develops and facilitates professional learning for the Ontario Teacher’s federation and is a Community Leader with the PLP Network in Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

Nominees for Secretary  


Roger Nevin
{Appointed March 22nd, 2013}

Conference Co-Chairs 

ecoo_cochair13_cyndiejacobs ecoo_cochair13_dougpete

Cyndie Jacobs, Doug Peterson
Interim Co-Chairs (to be confirmed following AGM)

Cyndie and Doug are experienced educators with a variety of diverse teaching backgrounds including consultant, technology officer, university lecturer and facilitator at the provincial level.Cyndie brings her considerable experience from her work with OTF, including the ‘Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century’ workshops and the OTF Curriculum Forum.  Cyndie is @cyndiejacobs on Twitter.Doug’s many years of experience chairing the Western RCAC Symposium and his work with the ECOO-CS Computer Science Contest will provide a wealth of expertise for ECOO2013.  Doug is @dougpete on Twitter.