ECOO Board of Directors Meeting February 2016

At the monthly meeting of the ECOO Board of Directors last night, it was decided that after each meeting a summary of items discussed would be posted on for all ECOO members to see. This is done in the hopes of both transparency and accountability for the members of ECOO.

Meeting: Online in Adobe Connect, February 1st, 2016, 9:00 PM

Attended by Mark Carbone, Donna Fry, Colin Jagoe, Harry Niezen, Jaclyn Calder, Mark Chesser, Jeff Weir, and Zoe Branigan-Pipe

Items Discussed and Decisions Made
Working with CVENT data to determine a way to put into place a method for people to become ECOO members outside of attending the yearly conference. This decision was made a few meetings ago, and is consistent with ECOO ByLaws. The question now is a technical one of how make it happen. This will likely happen very soon.

Donna discussed a possible collaboration with ECOO and different Faculties of Education around a project to help pre-service teachers become connected learners and learn effective ways of using technology.

The ECOO affiliate membership with ISTE has been renewed.

The new ECOO Treasure, Jeff Weir, is working with the old treasure on transitioning.

Discussion around website and communication with members resulted in a number of items. The Board will now post updates from each board meeting (this!). ECOO will also start to do live webchats in Google Hangouts to help communicate the good things that are happening across Ontario with ECOO members so stay tuned for that info. Additional ECOO social media presences will be added or beefed up. (Google+, Facebook, Instagram). Board members will undertake to post in the site about various topics of interest to ECOO members.

Nominations Chair for the 2016 ECOO Board of Directors Elections is currently being sought. Please contact Zoe if you have an interest in this position for ECOO.

Harry brought a short update for the BIT16 Conference. The committee is working hard and things are progressing really well. Book the dates now! November 9-11, 2016 in Niagara Falls!

Mark Chesser will attend the 2016 OTF Curriculum Forum on behalf of ECOO and will report back.

ECOO Facebook page will again start to be used, so pop over and ‘Like’ it!

Next BoD Meeting will be March 7th, 2016