ECOO StoryBytes!

There are so many incredible stories and projects happening across Ontario, Canada and beyond. Why wait until the Bring it Together Conference to learn about them?

Over the next several months, members of the ECOO board will be seeking out Educators and Leaders for a brief online interview.

We would like to post these interviews as regular features on the Bring it Together blog. Even better, we would like to add your StoryByte to your profile when you register for the conference.

Do you have a story to share?

  • Will you share a summary of what you plan on sharing at the Bring it Together Conference?
  • Will you share something about your position that is unique or different or that others might not know.
  • Will you share a project or initiative that you have been working on at the school level?
  • Will you share what you plan on “getting” while at the Bring it Together Conference?
  • Will you share an experience that you have had at a Bring it Together Conference?

Check out ECOO’s first StoryByte, where Jaclyn interviews Zoe Branigan-Pipe about Makerspaces.

Here you will see this is informal so there is no need to prepare or worry, just share something that means a lot to you! We would appreciate any feedback from members about the StoryBytes project so that ECOO can continue to develop this initiative in the future.

Do you have any recommendations of who we could interview? Please let us know here and we will get in contact.

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