Jennifer Casa-Todd

Jennifer Casa-Todd is a mom, wife, teacher-librarian, former literacy consultant, MEd student, author of Social LEADia, learner and thinker. Wearing her parent hat, she has been the co-chair as well as an active member of Parent Council for over a decade, bringing parent and school communities together for a variety of issues. She has also worked closely with the Bully-Free Alliance of York Region and is an Associate for the Digital Citizenship Institute. In her professional role, she has worked with hundreds of teachers, administrators and students , sharing her passion about bringing student voice into conversations around technology enabled-learning.

She loves learning and connecting with other educators from across the globe, and is passionate about connecting students to each other and to the world. Technology has the potential to transform learning in ways we can only have imagined when we were in school! With awesome power, comes awesome responsibility too! She believes we need to think critically about issues of equity, access, privacy, and safety, but that part of our role as educators is to inspire students to embrace the opportunities before them to make the online and offline world a better place.

Jennifer shares her ideas and resources on her blog Endless Possibilities.  We thank her for allowing us to share five of her favourite posts here for you.