Looking Forward

I am a fan of CBC Radio.  I leverage the ability to listen to what I want, when I want, through various apps and websites.  Saturday mornings I enjoy a cup of coffee, play some “Bunny Pop” on my phone and listen to the podcast of Day 6

During the year Day 6 broadcast a series by Annie Bender – “Automate This!  The Future of Work in an Artificially Intelligent World”.  For the final broadcast of Day 6 for 2017, rather than looking back at the previous year, they chose to look forward with a recap of “Automate This!”.

I’m interested in AI in general but specifically education.  Two major issues related to education are:  How will AI impact education?  How will education adapt to teach students who will be part of a world with AI?

Looking back, briefly, I started teaching in September 1979;  I retired in June 2013.  The biggest change in education that I was directly involved with was the integration of technology into the curriculum.  The pace was gradual.

The pace of change is increasing.  The iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary.  Are educators prepared for the changes and the pace of change?  Are we too focused on such things as EQAO, STEM, STEAM, computational thinking?  Are these short-term trends or are they part of the solution?

I posted links to the Day 6 year-end episode and the full series to the ECOO Facebook Group – Technology Supported Pedagogy.  It’s a place where online discussions can take place on various #edtech topics.  Let’s start the new year with a conversation “looking forward”.

Happy New Year.

Peter McAsh
Vice President