January Board Meeting

Your Board of Directors met on January 8th, 2018,  for the regular monthly meeting.

Board Meeting Highlights:

  • Appointment of the Bring IT, Together 18 Conference Co-chair – the Board of Directors was pleased to appoint Jaclyn Calder as the ECOO co-chair for the conference in November.  Jaclyn has been a long time member of ECOO.  She has been a continuous member of the Conference Committee since at least 2013.  She has brought innovation to the conference most recently in the form of innovation stations, streaming sessions live on Facebook, and Minds on Media Playgrounds. Jaclyn has been a regular facilitator at the Minds on Media sessions at the conference and has facilitated sessions in her own district. Jaclyn has shown a devotion to the organization and has a record of demonstrated leadership over the years, and served as a Director-at-Large on the Board during 2015-17.  Check out Jaclyn’s bio here.  Hold the date for the conference – November 6-8, 2018 – note that it’s a Tuesday-Thursday event this year.
  • Equity – the Board of Directors approved an Equity statement and it is live on the website.  At the same time, a culture of safety, respect, and trust statement describes the type of learning environment expected at all ECOO associated professional learning activites.
  • Computational Thinking – the collection of the best resources continues to support the #ECOOcodes initiative.  Please share these resources with your colleagues.
  • #ECOOspeakers – work continues on the development of a Speakers’ Bureau for ECOO members.
  • #ECOOchat – a successful #ECOOchat was held in December to celebrate Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code.  In January, join Julie Balen to talk about #OneWordONT.
  • ISTE Affliation – the Board affirmed its relationship with the International Society for Technology in Education by approving membership as a Premier member.  Look for specific benefits for ECOO members on the website soon.
  • Organization History – a collection of past records of ECOO meetings has been organized and the list of ECOO presidents on the website has been updated.
  • Membership Services – a comprehensive list of current ECOO member benefits and future opportunities for involvement will be created.  There are so many reasons why you would want to be a member of ECOO.
  • Website – we’re excited with the development of the ECOO website.  Have you checked out the featured ECOO bloggers?
  • Life Members – Many leaders are responsible for the growth and development of the organization as it stands today.  We “stand and build on the shoulders of giants”.  These giants will be recognized at the Bring IT, Together Conference in November and on the ECOO website.

Please stay tuned to the website for more updates and follow us on Twitter – @ECOOorg

Yours in learning,
Doug Peterson
President, ECOO 2017-18