CanCODE is Underway!

What is CanCODE?

Following an announcement of the CanCODE program in June, 2017, the Federal government unveiled in January 2018 the details of a $50 Million partnership with 22 Canadian not-for-profit organizations.

The program will support initiatives providing educational opportunities for coding and digital skills development to Canadian youth from kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12). It also supports initiatives that provide K-12 teachers with the training and professional development they need to introduce digital skills, coding and related concepts into the classroom.

The program aims to equip youth, including traditionally underrepresented groups, with the skills and study incentives they need to be prepared for the jobs of today and the future. Canada’s success in the digital economy depends on leveraging our diverse talent and providing opportunity for all to participate—investing in digital skills development will help to achieve this.

How can I get involved? Where can I learn more about the projects?

The following links will get you started in finding out what each group is up to. Keep tabs on the sites and watch out for great learning for kids — and educators, too!