Featured Blogger: Alanna King

Alanna King is an agent of change in the Upper Grand District School Board where she is a teacher-librarian and eLearning English teacher. She can often be found using hard-won grant money for action research in education.Β  She works tirelessly to improve availability and access to resources in all media forms in her secondary school library learning commons. Alanna volunteers as co-planner of the Ontario Library Association’s annual Superconference for the Ontario School Library Association and as a regional councillor for TVO.Β  Alanna is also mom to an autistic teen and wife to an awesome innovator.

Alanna’s blog, Threadbare Beauty, focuses on Transliteracy (Intersections of literacy and transferring learning between mediums); Participatory Culture (building community in traditional and online spaces); Culturally responsive curriculum (making room for all voices in learning spaces) and many many book reviews.

Alanna can be best found on Twitter at @banana29.

We thank Alanna for allowing us to share 5 of her favourite posts.Β