April Board Meeting

Your Board of Directors met on April 9th, 2018, for its regular monthly meeting.  In our mission to keep you up to date with the latest ECOO happenings, here’s a summary of the highlights.

    • A sub-committee has been approved to manage the 2018 Elections process. Nominations will be collected through the summer and early fall, culminating with the announcement of the new board during the Annual General Meeting of ECOO at the #BIT18 Bring IT, Together! conference in November.  Will you consider running for a Board of Directors’ position?
    • Bring IT, Together! 2018 – The conference website is live!  ECOO has moved to a new registration platform and this platform hosts the conference website.  The Call for Proposals for the 2018 conference is now live and closes on April 30.  Both French and English language proposals are now being accepted at bringITtogether.ca
    • The first #ECOOcamp was “ready to go” for the weekend following the Board Meeting.  There were over 70 participants registered for the event.  The Board of Directors was pleased with the number of registrants and anticipation was high for walk-ins.  What could go wrong?  Spring has arrived in Ontario.  The new registration system was used for the event and presenters were encouraged to share resources on a Teach Ontario site.  At the time of this writing, the #ECOOcamp has taken place.  Twitter activity was captured and displayed at Following #ECOOcamp Owen Sound.
    • ECOO received three proposals for summer institutes held by OTF.  The President forwarded them for consideration.  If they are accepted, look for details here.
    • The #ECOOcodes project continues to grow.  Look for an update to this section on the website in the near future.
    • ECOO.org continues to enjoy a continually increasing number of visits daily.
    • The webmaster demonstrated a new way to consistently collect information for #ECOOchats.  Results are being collected and posted at our #ECOOchat page. If you would like to host an #ECOOchat, pitch your idea to ECOO President Doug Peterson.
    • Investigation continues on the viability of a “Members” section to the ECOO website.
    • ECOO’s efforts to collect information about the history of the organization continues.  If you have artifacts like old copies of “ECOO Output”, please contact ECOO Secretary Andrew Forgrave.
    • Featured Bloggers – We’re excited with the development of the ECOO website. Have you checked out the featured ECOO bloggers?
    • Ongoing Projects
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