ECOO Treasurer

ECOO Life Member and long-serving ECOO Board Member Harry Niezen has been acting as Interm Treasurer for the Board.  Samantha Brace has been appointed by the Board to fill the position on the Board of Directors as Treasurer.

Thank you, Harry, for your dedication and years of service.

The Board welcomes Samantha.

Samantha Brace is a Computer Studies educator with the Peel District School Board. Currently, she is working centrally as an Instructional Coordinator for 21st Century Teaching and Learning, Instructional Technology, Computer and Business Studies. Samantha taught Computer Technology and Computer Science for 8 years. In her previous career, she worked in the engineering field of Automation and Electrical Design for 11 years at a variety of large manufacturing and consulting companies. She has a bachelor degree in technology, a bachelor degree in education and a master degree in engineering. She is a lifelong learner who believes modelling 21st C practices in the classroom is the best method for student engagement and momentum building for fellow educators.