SIGs – Special Interest Groups

With our partner TeachOntario, we are pleased to announce the launch of ECOO SIGs.  In the broadest sense, a SIG is a group of people that are interested in a particular topic related to educational computing.

We have created two over-arching SIGs.  One for Elementary and one for Secondary (not that people won’t explore both!).  The purpose of each SIG is to answer the guiding question: “What are you doing in your classroom, using technology, that excites you?”
Five easy steps to participate:
  1. Click on
  2. Login to TeachOntario (Register if it’s your first visit)
  3. Select SIG-Elementary or SIG-Secondary
  4. Click on “Follow” – upper right side – (only on your first visit to the SIG)
  5. Click Blog Post and share something you are doing with #edtech in your classroom
Traditionally, SIGs have had a more narrow focus.  The development of such topic-specific SIGs should be a natural outcome from these two initial SIGs.  They should provide us with an indication of what topics will be of interest.  As the process evolves, people can also request the creation of a SIG.