Feature of the Day – Subject Associations

Ontario educators have access to a wide range of resources, conference events, and networking opportunities through the many subject, division, and special interest associations. Each organization serves to bring together Ontario educators who share a common education background or teaching focus, spanning all of the various subjects (Languages, Math, Science and Technology, Health and Physical EducationHistory, Geography, The Arts, Business, Guidance, Computer Science, and more) or divisions (Primary, Junior)  or special interests.  ECOO is a member of the Curriculum Forum.

Under the coordination of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, the these organizations come together as the Curriculum Forum, which provides a unique avenue for professional learning and networking opportunities collaboration. The Forum also provides an active and important liaison between the SDAs and the Ministry of Education. The Curriculum Forum is comprised of representatives from the OTF, the four Affiliates (AEFO, ETFO, OECTA, OSSTF) and the over 50 SDAs.

If you’ve not had an opportunity to take a close look at all of the various organizations, check out the new Subject Association section recently added to our new Resources compilation. You can easily navigate to each organizations website for further information. (NOTE:  If you click on the ECOO link, you will wind up back here!)

There is so much to learn from engaging with the various associations. Are you working with some newer-to-teaching colleagues who would value the opportunity to connect with some of these groups?  Do you know of folks who would benefit from the opportunity to become a member of ECOO? (Membership is free!)