Keynote: Juliet Waters

Coding in the Classroom: Lessons Learned

Juliet Water, Chief Knowledge Officer, Kids Code Jeunesse

Since 2013, Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ) has been working alongside educators across Canada to develop feasible, classroom tested strategies and lesson plans for both learning and teaching the fundamentals of code. KCJ has held teacher training workshops with thousands of Ontario educators across the province, exploring questions like:

  • How do you teach when you don’t know the answer? 
  • How can I help my students get unstuck when they seem to be learning faster than I am? 
  • What are the essential concepts and practices that kids must master to be prepared for further learning?  

Juliet Waters will share the lessons learned over the course of this journey and how teachers can harness the power of code to enrich their learning, not only in math, but across the curriculum. 

Chief Knowledge Officer of Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ), Juliet Waters  brings over twenty years of journalism and communications experience to her passion for teaching digital literacy across the generations. She has introduced code to teachers from every province and territory as part of the federal Ministry of Science, Innovation and Economic Development’s CanCode program. She has worked with UNESCO on The Algorithm Literacy Project and is the author of The Canadian Primer on Computational Thinking and Code: A Kids Code Jeunesse Introduction to Algorithm Literacy.

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Juliet Waters is the morning keynote presenter on August 27th at ECOOcamp Ontario.

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