Call for Nominations, 2020-21 Board of Directors

The Nominations Committee of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario has opened the Call for Nominations for positions on the ECOO Board of Directors for 2020/2021. The nomination period will close on Saturday, November 7th, 2020, at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

ECOO annually invites nominations for the following Board of Director Positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Director at large – 2 year term
  • Director at large – 2 year term

In addition, the current 2020 call seeks to backfill a vacancy for the second year of an existing Director-at-Large vacancy:

  • Director at large – Year 2 of 2  (one year backfill)

ECOO works to support the effective use of technology in the classroom by:

  • Working to engage with Ontario Educators to support their use of education technology;
    • supporting and facilitating communication/sharing of resources between Ontario educators
    • hosting conferences, notably Bring IT, Together (BIT) and ECOOcamps
    • hosting SIGs (Special Interest Groups)
  • Developing contacts and relationships with appropriate organizations throughout and, when necessary, beyond Ontario;
    • liaising/collaborating with the Ministry of Education
    • forming partnerships with other educational organizations (not-for-profits, subject associations, school boards, OTF/teachers’ federation)

ECOO members are invited to share their expertise by serving on the ECOO Board of Directors. ECOO Board positions provide opportunities to extend experience beyond that normally obtained within single school board and allow members to participate in developing and supporting learning for colleagues across Ontario. Additional information is available on the Responsibilities of ECOO Board Members page.

If you seek to have a voice in the direction of ECOO or wish to encourage the involvement of a colleague, please complete the nomination form for positions on the ECOO Board of Directors. ECOO members will be asked to provide their membership number as part of the nominations process. Members can find their membership number in each ECOO Update email.

ECOO directors and members recognize the importance of encouraging and supporting involvement by all members, while recognizing that some members have historically been marginalized. 

ECOO works to invite representation on the Board from a diverse range of educators, looking at geographical distribution, teaching panels, union affiliation, binary gender, language, religion.  For 2020-2021 we are intentionally reaching out to invite members historically marginalized by race, diverse gender identities, sexuality or ability to consider joining our Board of Directors so we can better support the goals of our Equity Statement.

Candidates for election will be announced to the membership following the close of the Call for Nominations.

  • All nominations for ECOO Board of Directors will be confirmed via email
  • For questions regarding the Call for Nominations contact: nominations2020
  • Information regarding selection/election of directors will follow after the closing of the Call for Nominations.

Announcement of the new ECOO Board of Directors will take place at the conclusion of the 2020 Annual General Meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, December 16th, 2020.