The Fall Support Series is Launched …

… and our first partner up to bat will be Logics Academy, kicking things off on November 17!

This Support Series embodies the importance of collaboration and networking. When we were planning ECOOcamp Ontario in the summer, Ramy and Keith from Logics approached us with an idea that sparked a bigger conversation. They wanted to offer multi-part workshops that delved deeper into a concept or tool so that educators were able to work their way through with support and resources and come out the other end understanding the concept and being able to implement it in their classrooms with confidence. We loved the idea and wanted to offer opportunities like that to our members and colleagues.

That conversation led to the two series of workshops on Coding that Logics is going to facilitate during the Fall Support Series.

  • Grade 1-4: The Fundamentals of Coding through StoryTelling
  • Grade 5-8: The Fundamentals of Coding through Game Design

Full session descriptions can be found on the Fall Support Series page under the events tab:

As Ramy expounded so passionately in our planning sessions:

“Come learn to code with us. No prior knowledge is required. We’ll provide all the training and support along the way. All you need is a device that has the Chrome browser.”

Can’t say it any better than that! It’s your turn to come play and learn!

Register at the Fall Support Series page.

Once you are registered, you will be directed to a form to choose these workshops and any of the other sessions listed on the Events page. They’re all part of your package … but more of that tomorrow!