Today’s Support Series’ post is brought to you by the letter ‘E’.

Education. Equity. Enlightenment. Energy. Eloquence.

When I first met Kumiko and Lucy, the two dynamos behind the Canadian registered charity, Hackergal, I was equally impressed by their knowledge of coding and their absolute determination to create an equitable space to increase diversity in technology.

When we were setting up the Panel for the opening night of ECOOcampON, Kumiko asked if, instead of placing herself on the panel, if it would be all right to have a student voice talking about happiness and resilience. Of course, that sparked the idea of having a completely student-led panel instead and now that is coming to fruition.

The student ambassadors from Hackergal were the perfect fit for this session. They have embodied equity, enlightenment and energy and their humbleness will likely astound you as they speak about their experiences in the computer science world and how educators in their lives either turned them towards or away from the path they are on now. The Ambassadors will candidly share what has opened doors for them through their coding journeys – literally and figuratively.

This Panel Discussion will be interactive, with time for audience questions, so participants can better understand their pivotal role in creating safe and supportive spaces for girls to learn computer science. This is an opportunity to be inspired by a student-led discussion about how technology shapes the world we live in and the importance of the tech sector truly representing the people who are living in it.

Join us on November 26 for this Student-Led Panel: Reimagining Computer Science – Gender Equity

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Come learn and connect. You’ll even be given a chance to play … but more of that closer to the day.