Computational Thinking: What is it Really and Why Should We Care?

  • Panelists: Artemis Papert, Brian Silverman, Cynthia Solomon, Lynda Colgan
  • Moderators: Brenda Sherry, Peter Skillen

We’re hearing a lot about computational thinking. What is it exactly? Where did it come from? How might it be different from other kinds of thinking? Why should we care? Reflect on the origins of this work along with pioneers in the field: Dr. Cynthia Solomon—the co-creator of LOGO (the first programming language developed for children); Artemis Papert—artist and co-creator of Turtle Art; Brian Silverman—computer scientist and ‘coder’ of many of the world’s most famous versions of LOGO; Dr. Lynda Colgan—mathematics professor at Queen’s University and a LOGO programming trailblazer. 

  • Speaker bios for the 4 panelists and 2 moderators are provided in the slider below:

Session Recording:

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