ECOO 2021 Programming Contest

The 2021 ECOO Programming Contest, open to all secondary students across Ontario, is a competition that aims to provide students with an opportunity to perfect their programming skills while representing themselves and their schools against other students in the province.

Due to the continuing difficulty in gathering together, the 2021 ECOO Programming Contest will be held online on May 1st, from 11 am to 2 pm.

As with the 2020 contest, this year’s event is made possible by the collective efforts of ECOO-CS  leadership, Dr. David Stermole and Mr. John Ketelaars, and Mrs. Valentina Krasteva, event organizer, along with a dedicated team of current students and alumni from William Lyon Mackenzie CI and University of Waterloo.

It takes a lot of skill, dedication and effort to ensure an online event as big the ECOO Programming Competition runs flawlessly. Over 600 individual students participated last year! This competition would not be possible without the expertise, professionalism and hard work of the Makenzie Collegiate Programming Team executive  of Larry Yuan, Theodore Preduta, Steven Guikal, and Christopher Trevisan, along with university student Keenan Gugeler, who are responsible for all technical aspects of the competition and problem writing.

A special thanks goes out to all organizers and team members for their hard work in making this event a success.

Details regarding the Programming Contest, sample problem sets from previous years, and a link to the 2021 registration are all provided on the ECOO-CS Programming Contest page.