Some SERIOUS Swag out there!

OK. I just had to do a post on the door prizes that are being given away as we speak and be sure that you know about them!!

The ECOO Winter Support Series is a set of workshops and panel discussions about issues and topics that are relevant to Ontario educators right now. Coding and UNplugged coding (no computers needed), wellness, online learning, girls in STEAM, Design Based Learning with some sessions even in french only for our francophone educators make up the series.

That’s great to start with BUT we also have partnered with amazing sponsors and they have SO much to give away!

CanCodeToLearn is donating a Laptop AND a Chromebook at the end of the Series. Every session you can attend live gets you another ballot to win but just registering for the Series gets you entered as well!  SEE. You should know this!

SMART Technologies are giving away 5 SMART Learning Suites that step up engagement for online and face to face learning! 5 of those!

Ditch That Textbook has given us two online courses for two lucky Series winners to be done whenever you choose.

Logics Academy are running two 4 weeks miniseries. The first is for K-4 educators and one lucky person from all those participants will win a Dash robot. Oh but there’s more! EVERY participant also gets free access into Dash’s Neighbourhood, a virtual space for students to code and learn with Dash! The second miniseries is learning about Scratch and again, one lucky winner will have a mBot robot sent to their home as a prize!

Can it get better. Oh yes. That’s only half!

Fair Chance Learning is running two separate workshops on SDG using a virtual or real Micro.bit! Say hello to two Coding Change Kits for two lucky winners!

A new sponsor to partner with ECOO is Louise Kool & Galt and if you want to spend some time learning how to code WITHOUT computers for your young ones, the session to be at is Melissa and Leslie’s on Unplugged Coding. LKG is donating a BlueBot robot for each of their sessions AND already, a lucky winner has taken home a newly created accessibility curriculum called “Debug’d” that their sister company, Bridges-Canada, has been working on. VERY exciting!

Then we can’t finish this blog without talking about all the PHENOMENAL EDUauthors who have come on board to support you!

For Early Years, Daphne McMenemy is donating her ‘Discover Gracie’ book set. Shari Eskenas and Ana Quintero Villafraz are donating “A Day in Code”. Jennifer Casa-Todd and Leigh Cassell have their new book “Aubrey Bright in Stories that Connect Us” to give away too.  All such rich resources and possibly yours for the price of an ECOO membership. 🙂

CodeBreakers have donated three professional development books as well. ‘Discomfort By Design” by Chad LeDune, “Daily STEM’ by Chris Woods and “Unlocking Unlimited Potential” by Dr. Brandon Beck.

The Esports Education Playbook by Chris Aviles, Steve Isaacs, Christine Lion-Bailey and Jesse Lubinsky has already been given out at the “Game ON! Girls Who Game” Panel Discussion but once you’re an ECOO member, here’s the bonus. You can now check out all the recordings of the sessions that have already taken place anytime on demand!


We know that so many of you are just not ready to take part in any extra PD right now and totally appreciate this. We just wanted you to know what is out there and maybe cheer up your day with a robot or book or laptop in the morning mail!

If you have the time, sign up.

An intelligent grasshopper once said; “You can’t win it if you’re not in it” and we didn’t want you to miss the great things that are in this.  🙂

Mary Walker Hope

ECOO Events Chair