Creativity as a Tool in Times of Adversity

Creativity as a Tool in Times of Adversity

Daniel Lewis, Author, entrepreneur and motivational speakerMain Room

"Daniel Lewis shares his compelling story of how he went from being an aspiring musician, to fighting for his life, and then finding meaning and purpose in the most unexpected places. Change is inevitable, and never easy. But adaptability is an important skill we can learn to embrace change and welcome new beginnings with courage. In this keynote presentation, Daniel will offer new and exciting perspectives on how we can creatively adapt to new challenges while maintaining our authentic core values.

“Creativity is not about thinking outside of the box, but instead creating the box that others will think inside of.”

Key Takeaways: Resilience, Creativity, Adapting to change, Challenging the norms, Mental Strength, Overcoming Adversity, Goal Accomplishment, Strength, Courage, Growth, Perseverance"

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