‘What’s happening here?’ A sense-making approach to coding

'What’s happening here?' A sense-making approach to coding

Mike DeutschRoom 4

At Canada-wide educational charity Kids Code Jeunesse, we have more than one way to help teachers and kids master new skills and build interesting projects. There’s the classic step-by-step “follow me,” and the “take this and modify it” remix. But we’ve also developed a guided “sense-making” approach that opens things up and offers more diverse pathways into coding. To do it, we look at a finished product together and ask: What might this be doing on the inside, to achieve the effect we see on the outside? We share and refine our ideas, and we scaffold our computational thinking as a group. Everyone comes out ready to build. In this participatory session we will walk through a sample together and talk about the pedagogical ideas behind it. Suitable for any (or no) coding experience.

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