Elyse Dodge Artwork

Become an Artist Co-Taught Lesson

The Cobblestone Collective


Are you ready to tap into your creative potential with Microsoft PowerPoint and your students?

Join in this co-taught lesson with your class and emerge yourself into a virtual painting experience!

Inspired by the geometric brilliance of Canadian Elyse Dodge, students will learn how to create, combine, and colour shapes to design a vibrant and unique digital masterpiece.


This hands-on, live lesson will guide you and your students through a series of steps, while learning valuable universal graphic design techniques and skills.

What do you need for the lesson?

  • Access to the web-version of PowerPoint (available through your O365 account)
  • A device for each student (PC, Macs or Chromebooks work best)
  • Access to the internet

When is the lesson?

Friday, January 15th, 2021 at either:

  • 10am Eastern Time
  • 10am Mountain Time

What curriculum expectations will connect to this lesson?


  • Choose artistic elements, processes, materials, movements, technologies, tools, techniques and environments using combinations and selections for specific purposes in art marking. (~Grade 4)
  • Create artistic works collaboratively and as an individual using ideas inspired by imagination, inquiry, experimentation, and purposeful play. (~Grade 6)
  • Intentionally select and apply materials, movements, technologies, environments, tools, and techniques by combining and arranging artistic elements, processes, and principles in art marking. (~Grade 8)


  • Investigating that polygons are closed shapes with similar attributes. (~Grade 4)
  • Classifying triangles as scalene, isosceles, or equilateral based on shape properties. (~Grade 6).
  • Translations, rotations, and/or reflections on a single 2D shape, combination of successive transformations of 2D shapes (~Grade 7)
  • Exploring strategies to determine the surface area of different solids using objects, nets, or digital design. (~Grade 8)


  • Identify and use appropriate tools, technologies, materials, and processes for production (~Grades 6-10).

Can’t make it live?

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This workshop is in partnership with Microsoft Canada (thanks for making them free to all educators!).