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CC CSEW Minecraft (1)

#CSEdWeek with Minecraft Education

Cobblestone Collective, Microsoft Canada, Minecraft Education


Inside this 3-part Minecraft: Education Edition coding series, classes throughout Canada will travel through time as they learn to code using MakeCode Blocks, Python and more!

Part 1: Code with Makecode (gr. 4-8)

Inside this 90-minute lesson, classes will complete the 10 challenges inside Minecraft: Education Edition’s TimeCraft world using MakeCode blocks.  These drag-and-drop coding blocks are perfect for the beginner and intermediate coder.

Part 2: Code with Python (gr. 6-10)

Ready to level up your code?  This lesson is all about learning to code with Python inside Minecraft: Education Edition.  Jumping back into TimeCraft, classes will complete the challenges using Python, a text-based coding language.

Part 3: Coding Build Challenge (gr. 4-10)

Now that you can code in both MakeCode Blocks and Python, you’re ready for our Coding Build Challenge.  Join this 90-minute lesson where your class will reflect on all they have learned inside TimeCraft and receive the details for their Build Challenge.