TeacherCon #teacherslearningcode


We’re excited to bring you our third annual TeacherCon, a free multi-day conference experience for educators in the Canadian school system.

About this Event

TeacherCon 2020 will be completely virtual!

TeacherCon is a free multi-day experience for Canadian educators in the K-12 school system, as well as student teachers and teacher leaders who want to inspire kids to be builders – not just consumers – of technology through coding activities and challenges. TeacherCon will provide how-to guides, hands-on training, lesson-planning tools, mentor support and access to an educator community for sustainable support and collaboration.

Keynote Speakers:

During the week of August 10th-August 14th, all registered educators are invited to join us for a week of keynote speakers starting at 1pm (Eastern Standard Time) each day!

Tool-specific workshops

After you register for the general TeacherCon experience, you will be able to customize your own experience. Tool specific workshops will include:

English sessions: August 11th-14th, starting at 2:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

French sessions: September 21st – 24th, starting at 5:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

This year, we’re offering new experiences for educators teaching kindergarten to grade 9 or educators teaching computer science for the first time at any grade level. We’ll be sharing information about how the new K-12 Computer Science Education Framework (launching at the end of July!) can help you integrate computer science into your curriculum on day 1, providing tool-specific training on day 2-4 and inviting keynote speakers for each day!

Let’s shape how technology education is introduced in schools across the country – together!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Introduction to the “why’s” of Coding
  • Exemplars of Coding Projects and Lesson Plans
  • UnPlugged Coding Activities (no computer required)
  • AI and Machine Learning for beginners
  • Coding to build virtual spaces (WebVR)
  • Intro to hardware with micro:bit
  • How to remix and repurpose lesson plans for various subject areas


  • Digital Teacher Guides and Lesson Plans
  • Software and web-based tools
  • Access to Teachers Learning Code Community Support for educators

Why Teach Code?

Technology is everywhere and it’s not going anywhere. Teaching kids to code is about more than just helping children understand the technology they are using and secure employment in the future. At a fundamental level it improves problem-solving and thinking skills.

We think it’s important for youth to learn to code for a few reasons:

  • Coding is a superpower. Learning to code let kids build – not just consume the technology around them like video games, websites, robots and more.
  • Coding helps kids develop new ways of thinking and foster problem-solving techniques that gives kids a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships or jobs – they are valuable skills that are in high demand.
  • Coding helps kids understand the world around them better. If we teach biology and mathematics in order to understand the world around them, then knowing the basics of how computers communicate – and how to engage with them -should be a given.
  • Coding can help change the world empower kids to use technology as a creative tool to build solutions for problems or challenges people face everyday.
  • Coding is fun! We want kids to experience the satisfaction and thrill of building something of their very own.

Conference Dates:

August 10-14th, 2020 (English)

Who is this for?

Our TeacherCon experience has been designed for educators (primary, middle and high) with little to no coding experience to be able to teach coding fundamentals to their students.


None! This workshop is designed for beginners.