Voices from Ontario: Learning Together at Home podcast

The Ontario: Learning Together at Home podcast now features 11 voices from Ontario educators. In these podcasts, educators share their initial reactions to the shut-down of Ontario schools, and unpack their feelings and thoughts as they wrestle with the challenge of working with learners from home, rather from the familiar setting of their classrooms.

Each voice shares some kind of insight or reflection that hopefully resonates and provides some small guidance. As we all continue to explore how education in Ontario is currently different from the norm, it is more important than ever that we collaborate and work together to guide things towards the best possible experience for our learners.

Please keep an eye on this series — we have many more voices on the way — and do continue to share and support one another. The #LearningTogetherAtHome and #OntarioEducatorsUnited tags are one way to unite and share resources and experiences.