Call for Nominations for ECOO Board for Directors RE-OPENED

The ECOO Board of Directors has postponed the ECOO Annual General Meeting to allow for a re-opening of the Call for Nominations to the ECOO Board of Directors for the 2023-24 Term. The meeting has been re-scheduled to Monday, March 25th, at 7 PM, online.

The Call for Nominations for the ECOO Board of Directors generated only one new nomination. Given that the current Board experienced several resignations during this past term and has been operating under significantly reduced strength for several months, it is important that the incoming Board be at full strength to move the organization forward. All ECOO Board members are volunteers, and it is necessary to ensure that the workload is equitably distributed.

Positions available for nomination for the 2023-24 year are as follows:
• President-Elect (2 year term, to assume role of President in the 2024-25 term.)
• Secretary (1 year term)
• Treasurer (1 year term)
• Director at Large (2 years, 2 position)
• Director at Large (1 years backfill, 1 position)

View the Responsibilities of ECOO Board Members for further information about each role.

Two additional Board positions will be appointed by the new Board at the first meeting in April. If you are interested in being considered for one of the following positions, please contact ECOO President Lynn Thomas.
• Conference Chair
• Events Chair

The re-opened Call for Nominations will close on Wednesday, February 14th at 5 PM ET

Questions? Contact the Nominations Committee at 

Join us at the AGM on Monday, March 25th to meet the new Board.