Feature of the Day – Thinking about Wellness…

With next week being Mental Wellness Week, I took a page from our advice to all of you and stepped away from my computer yesterday. My husband and I celebrated a drive-by retirement, hiked in a Conservation Area and enjoyed a great BBQ dinner. It was wild though how many times I was almost pulled back in ‘just to check something’.

Balance is going to be one of the hardest things educators will have to try to achieve over the next two months. Dealing with home and school is exhausting so when resources are found that help us with that back and forth, they need to be shared.

Peel DSB has set up a series of Choice Grids for picture books. They are sharing, like so many other School Boards, different choice boards every week. The way I look at it now, we have one huge provincial classroom now and really are team teaching with over 100,000 other educators so it is an amazing chance to use others talents and share your own.

Getting back to Wellness Week, I chose to share this Choice Grid because it has balance.  It emphasizes wellness – for your students and for you. Thank you Lisa Kao from Earnscliffe Sr PS for assembling this resource for everyone.

The portfolio of Choice Grids from Peel DSB is found at this link on the new ECOO website. The Choice Grids are in the “Book Acitivites” tab on their site.

Under the ‘Collected Resources’ section on the ECOO site, we have been curating learning resources from ALL School Boards in the the ‘COVID-19 School Board Resources‘. We have also started curating a collection of Wellness resources. Please let us know of any wellness resources you find useful, we’ll help to share them.

I’ll feature more resources over the next weeks but know that you are not alone, nor do you have to reinvent the wheel. Take time this week to find your balance and reach out.