Summary of ECOO Board Meeting – December 10th, 2020.

Your ECOO Board of Directors met on Thursday, December 10th for the regular ECOO business meeting.  The meeting commenced with the reading of the ECOO Human Rights Statement.

Highlights from the December 10th meeting include include: 

Support Series:  The Board received a report from Mary Walker Hope regarding the recent success of the Fall Support Series, and heard of the preparations which have been made to continue the Support Series in the new year. Details regarding the next series and registration will go live following the formal announcement after the AGM. 

Bring IT, Together Admin Committee:  The combined BIT Admin Committee with OASBO-ICT met recently. The group will be meeting again in the coming week, and look forward to having news to report shortly thereafter.  The ECOO Board passed a motion recommending the appointment of a member to the role of Conference Chair for consideration by the incoming Board of Directors for 2020-21.

Membership, Sponsorships, and Partnerships:  The ECOO Board reviewed the plans in place for ECOO Membership for 2021, and explored the enhancements coming to the website. The successes from 2020 in the areas Sponsorships and Partnerships were recapped, the Board formalized language in this area, and approved a tiered recognition program for Sponsors in 2021.

Administration: The Board passed two motions related to office support and a membership management platform. 

Financial Review:  Following receipt of additional information related to the audit of the past year and newly updated statements, the Board approved the Auditor’s report and passed it forward for presentation at the AGM.  

Revision to ECOO Bylaw:  The revisions to the Bylaw were reviewed at a meeting of the Board on November 26th, and the Board passed a motion enacting Bylaw 12 as of that date. A Notice of Motion for the upcoming AGM to confirm the Bylaw was sent to the membership on December 6th.  

Annual General Meeting 2020: The finalized agenda for the 2020 AGM was reviewed. Members have been reminded by email of the date and time of the AGM, have been provided with the minutes from the 2019 AGM and the text of the new enacted Bylaw 12, and have been asked to register their intent to attend the meeting.  

The ECOO Board of Directors, 2019-20 are pleased to have had the opportunity to serve the membership over the past year, and extend their best wishes to the incoming Board of Directors, 2020-21, which will take office following the completion of the 2020 Annual General Meeting.