Et ACTION! Fall Support Series is flippin’ awesome!

Last week, I wrote a blog post about the first partner we have for the ECOO Fall Support Series, Logics Academy. Starting on Tuesday, November 17, they will be working with participants to help them gain an understanding of Coding through StoryTelling or Game Design. I ended that post by saying, but wait, there’s more. Well. Not really those words but you’ll see why I’m saying it now.

During the summer, four very passionate educators joined the ECOOcamp Ontario committee and blew me away with their enthusiasm, skill and desire to help others navigate what online/blended/whatever back to school would look like. Michelle Fenn, Max Thomson, Megan Park and Deanna Palmer make up the incredible team of @TechTime4EDU. They started by offering PD by the Pool to KPRDSB educators during the summer and now are continuing to support the KPR community with a PD in Pyjamas series. Insert virtual hug here.

When Logics mentioned that they would like to introduce Flipgrid as a presentation tool at the end of their 4 week series of workshops, I could not think of a better support to offer those educators (and everyone one else!) than a session about Flipgrid with TechTime4EDU and the best part is that the workshop is being offered in french and in english. Did I mention how incredibly talented these women are?

  • Flipping over Flipgrid
  • On Flip sur Flipgrid

Full session description can be found the Fall Support Series page under the events tab:

Register at the Fall Support Series page. Once you are registered, you will be directed to a form to choose these workshops and select from any of the other sessions offered. They’re all part of your package but you choose what you would like to attend.

Remember, ECOOcamp Ontario participants have a free registration to the Support Series but they must check their email for the link to sign up for sessions!

Everyone else gets to register for $15.00 and then have access to the over 20 webinars and events that will take place between November 17 and December 9.

Come play, learn and connect. We all need a little play time right now.