June 2018 Board Meeting

Your Board of Directors met on June 4th, 2018, for its regular monthly meeting.  Here is a summary of the highlights.

    • Arising out of the vacancy on the Board from last month, the Board was informed that Colleen Rose had agreed to accept appointment to the role of Interim Director-At-Large, returning the Board to its full complement of ten directors. The Board welcomed Colleen to the group.
    • The Board engaged in further discussion regarding the potential partnership agreement from last month. It was decided that a broad focus for a variety of technology resources was important, and that such specific partnerships might better fit within the domain of a Special Interest Group, which could become an initiative in the future.
    • Bring IT, Together! 2018 – All core session acceptances have been sent out to presenters, with the Minds on Media acceptances to follow. The new rooms at the SCCN will allow us to host a greater number of core sessions this year, and signage will be developed to ensure that conference delegates will be able to locate the new rooms.
    • An initial discussion occurred regarding the potential for an #ECOOcamp TBay (Thunder Bay).
    • Dominyk and Andrew updated the Board on the status of the applications for the French Translator positions. Interviews and decisions should be made by the end of June, with translation to start this summer.
    • The Board approved a plan to provide new Life Member appointees with a lapel pin and an award at the annual conference in November.
    • August 8th has been selected as the date for the Board’s summer face-to-face meeting.
    • The ECOO Archive project has collected a number of Conference Program documents from recent years in PDF format from Cal Armstrong. Sadly, Lanyrd is no longer a reliable repository of ECOO sessions from 2013 through 2016. Hopefully the session information can be recovered from Conference Committee records.
    • Doug shared some details regarding preparations for the Annual General Meeting later this year.
    • Two of the three ECOO-sponsored summer institutes to the Ontario Teachers’ Federation have been accepted.

The ECOO Board extends its best wishes to ECOO members and educators for a safe and restful summer break.  The ECOO Board will next meet on August 8th, face-to-face in Waterloo, Ontario.