May 2018 Board Meeting

Your Board of Directors met on May 7th, 2018, for its regular monthly meeting.  Here is a summary of the highlights.

    • President Doug Peterson informed the Board that Past President Mark W. Carbone had resigned from the Board. The Board decided to fill the vacancy on the Board with an Interim Director-at-Large that would sit until the November AGM. Any continuing vacancy following the AGM would be filled by the incoming Board. The issue of the appointment will come back to the Board for the June meeting
    • Lisa Noble has been selected by the Nominations Subcommittee from amongst themselves to sit as Nominations Chair, and her appointment was approved by the Board. Nominations will be collected through the summer and early fall, culminating with the announcement of the new board during the Annual General Meeting of ECOO at the #BIT18 Bring IT, Together! conference in November.
    • Becker Associates provided documentation for Board review to support Canada Anti-Spam Law compliance.
    • Bring IT, Together! 2018 – Keynotes for #BIT18 will be Dave Cormier and Max Strossel. Session proposals submitted for the conference are of good quality and great variety. The Conference Committee will be reviewing proposals with emails going out to presenters the first week in June. French session proposals are also being processed.
    • Harry Niezen presented the financial reports and the auditor will be reviewing them. The audited statements will be presented to the General Membership at the AGM.  Harry also presented his proposed budget for the organization for the 2018-19 year. The budget was supported by the Board and it will go to the General Membership for approval at the AGM.
    • Peter McAsh reported on the success of #ECOOcamp Owen Sound, and the Board approved the continuance of further #ECOOcamp events going forward. Leslie Boerkamp from Bruce-Grey Catholic DSB and Ian Whitton from Bluewater DSB were acknowledged for their efforts in helping make the event a success. Additional #ECOOcamp locations in Ontario will be sourced for next year. The Board also approved a return event for Owen Sound for next year.
    • The Board discussed a partnership opportunity.
    • Dominyk Kuhn-Bach reported on the status of the French Translation Project, and Doug Peterson shared some resource documents to support the project.
    • Although the Board has held all meetings online via Google Meet, Doug invited the Board members to indicate their availability to participate in a face-to-face get-together during the summer months.
    • Peter Skillen provided new resource material to extend the #ECOOcodes initiative. The material will be posted to the site.
    • Andrew Forgrave provided a number of reports to the Board regarding the website, #PiCademy, and the Membership sub-committee deliberations.
    • The Board discussed details regarding the plans for recognizing Life Members at the annual conference in November.

The ECOO Board will next meet on June 4th, 2018, online.