Exciting Opportunities for Computer Science Education Week

Computer Science Education Week (CSEW) is coming soon! This year, CSEW is being celebrated December 6th-12th. 

Perhaps you originally associated a week in December with Hour of Code because that’s what may have drawn you into thinking about computer science and coding within your classroom? However, CSEW encompases much more than Hour of Code — Code.org is one of many organizations that can guide you in the coding world. And, of course, although CSEW acts as an annual call-to-action to inspire students K-12, computer science and coding activities can be integrated into a wide range of program areas throughout the entire school year! 

For those looking to celebrate with something special during CSEW 2021 (or beyond!), the ECOO website collates a wealth of resources, co-taught lessons, and events happening for educators and students throughout the week of December 6th, 2021. We wanted to make it easy for you to find, pick and choose the ones you want to do with your students! They’re all free and accessible to all students K-12. 

  1. Visit the ECOO Events Page, and look through the events gathered under the Computer Science Education Week header. From coding in Scratch and Minecraft to a Hackergal Day extravaganza, there are events every day. Your entire week can be supported online!

  2. If you’re looking to explore a bit deeper, check out the range of different environments you and your students can explore with the various opportunities listed on our Coding Platforms page.

  3. If you are looking to connect with additional not-for-profit organizations that offer programming with a kid-coding focus, check out ECOO’s Education Not-for-Profits page where we have collated organizations operating in Ontario.

Take a look. Bookmark the site. Discover what you and your students can do to truly enjoy your Computer Science Education Week!