Diana Maliszewski

Diana Maliszewski is a teacher-librarian with the Toronto District school Board (TDSB TL) and also an ICT & PLC fan — and a user of many other short forms as well!

“It’s nice to be important but more important to be nice” (Anonymous)

According to Diana, her blog, Monday Molly Musings, is β€œa reflection tool that I use to examine my pedagogical practice, document my experiences, and connect what happens in my personal life to implications for teaching and learning.” Diana is active on Twitter at @MzMollyTL and also known as LiraGrim to her colleagues at GamingEDUs.org.

Diana was able to rise to the challenge we set for her of selecting five of her favourite posts, although she admitted it was a bit difficult since she’s been been doing her Monday Molly Musings every week since 2009 (52 weeks x 9 years = a lot of posts!)

We thank Diana for sharing her insightful musings as our first Featured Blogger of 2018. We hope you enjoy this selection of posts from her blog.
Perhaps you might find yourself taking up the challenge of a weekly blog post for 2018???