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Bring IT, Together


#BIT Bring IT, Together!

Since 2013, ECOO and OASBO-ICT have partnered to host an annual education technology event, Bring IT, Together!, bringing together educators, administrators, resource teachers, IT technicians and technologists, CIOs, administrators, and industry representatives.

With the arrival of COVID, the 2020 and 2021 conferences were replaced with virtual #vBIT events in February 2021 and November 2021. ECOO and OASBO-ICT again collaborated to coproduce another exciting event, bringing together educators, ICT professionals, and Education Technology companies to share and learn.

Current Situation

The #BIT Bring IT, Together administrative committee comprised of ECOO and OASBO-ICT are currently looking at the option of hosting a face-to-face event in the spring of 2023.

Results from our April 2022 survey show that while there is a strong interest in returning to a face-to-face conference opportunity, a number of factors currently contribute to make such an option for this coming November a potential financial liability to our organizations: 

• potential continuing effects of COVID on attendance
• current limited availability of supply teachers (will this extend into the fall?)
• possible school board concerns in sending their personnel to a face-to-face event
• time-constraints currently faced by school board staff
• increased costs associated with hosting large, in-person events
• possible job action due to upcoming contract negotiations

The #BIT Admin Committee will be re-assessing these various factors in the fall and look forward to hosting you at our next face-to-face Bring IT, Together! event as soon as conditions permit! 

#vBIT Bring IT, Together!

Session Archives from #vBIT21 Bring IT, Together!

Session Recordings and Virtual Exhibit Booth content will remain available to #vBIT21 delegates on the conference site within the Whova platform for six months from the event dates. 

About #BIT Bring IT, Together and ECOO Conferences

Bring IT, Together is an annual conference hosted by ECOO and OASBO-ICT.

The conference is unique in that it “brings together” all those involved with educational technology in education: Teachers, Principals, Computer Consultants, Superintendents, Directors of Education, CIOs, ICT Managers, ICT Technicians, Support staff and TeLO Technology Enabled Learning & Teaching Contacts & District eLearning Contacts, as well as representatives from the leading education technology companies.  ECOO represents primarily users of technology.  OASBO-ICT represents those on the technical side of providing and supporting the technology in schools.

Sadly, the BIT20 event set for November 2020 in Niagara Falls had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we were fortunate in being able to provide the virtual #vBIT21 event in February, 2021. 

The previous face-to-face BIT19 conference coincided with the 40th Anniversary of ECOO, and represented the 40th annual conference since the founding of the organization in 1979.   To maintain a learning opportunity for Ontario educators in 2020, ECOO also hosted a virtual summer conference, ECOOcampON during August 2020, featuring 3 keynotes, 105 sessions, a lunch and learn event, two vendor playgrounds, and over 200 door prizes! As the challenge of meeting face-to-face continues for the time being, ECOO is again planning a virtual ECOOcampON 2021 for this coming summer. Don’t miss it!  

  • Session descriptions, recordings, and resources from ECOOcampON 2020 are archived and available to ECOO members. 
  • ECOO has also offered a number of support series PD events during the 2020-21 school year: session resources and recordings from the Fall Support Series and Winter Support Series are available on-demand to ECOO members. Registration in the Spring Support Series opens March 11th, with events running in March and April, 2021.