Nora Young

Nora Young
Nora Young

Nora Young is the host and the creator of Spark, CBC Radio’s national radio show and podcast about technology and culture, and how our use of new technologies is changing society. She was the founding host of Definitely not the Opera, where she often discussed topics related to new media and technology. Her work has also appeared online, on television, and in print.

As a journalist, author, and speaker, Nora explores how new technology shapes the way we understand ourselves and the world around us. Her book, The Virtual Self, on he explosion of data about our behaviours, thoughts, opinions and actions, will be published by McClelland and Stewart in April.

Nora blogs at, and does the indie podcast The Sniffer with her friend and colleague, Cathi Bond. When away from the online world, Nora loves teaching yoga, being in nature, and cycling.

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