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ECOO-Sponsored Student Events

Over the years, in an effort to directly support students, ECOO has offered a variety of events and contests for learners in Ontario schools. These have taken the form of various opportunities for learners to develop and demonstrate skills such as programming/coding, graphic design (posters and logos), video editing, etc.

The Annual ECOO-CS Programming Contest is one such event, having taken place each year since 1984. During the 2020 and 2021 school years, the ECOO-CS Programming Contest has been organized and hosted online by students from the Mackenzie Collegiate Programming Team (MCPT) from William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute in Toronto.

In an effort to engage with a broader range of students during the 2022 school year, the students at MCPT are offering two new events this year:

  • Lyon Capture the Flag 2022 Cybersecurity Event • February 18-21
  • Lyon Hackathon 2022 event • April 15-17

ECOO is proud to be sponsoring prizes for each of these events, and invites students (aged 13 and up) from across Ontario to participate.

Lyonhacks II Hackathon 2022 event

We are excited to announce the Lyonhacks II Hackathon, running from noon April 15th to noon April 17th.

William Lyon Mackenzie CI’s Programming Club will be hosting LyonHacks II, a 48-hour hackathon sponsored by ECOO spanning from April 15th to 17th.

A hackathon is a programming competition that challenges students to design and pitch a program to a panel of judges. Students will brainstorm a creative solution to a theme that will be released at the start of the competition period. During the hackathon, there will be workshops and guest speakers to provide students with the opportunity to learn new skills. Furthermore, mentorship will also be offered to any students who may need help.

Overall, LyonHacks II is a tremendous learning experience for any students interested in programming or technology. In addition, there are more than $250 in prizes to be won!

All Ontario middle and high school students ages 13-18 are invited to compete, forming teams of up to 4. All interested students should register individually using the following form and teams will be formed during the competition window. Signups will be open until Thursday, April 7th at 11:59pm.

Visit the registration page to sign up for the event!  Questions? Email to

Lyon CTF (Capture the Flag) 2022 Cybersecurity Event

We are excited to announce the inaugural LyonCTF cybersecurity competition, running from noon February 18th to noon February 21st.

In this capture the flag (CTF) contest, teams of Ontario middle and high school students (ages 13+) will battle it out with their skills in digital forensics, website and application exploitation, reverse engineering, and cryptography! Intended for students of all experience types, the challenges are designed with a low barrier of entry to enable even first-time competitors to gain experience and knowledge in an enjoyable, cooperative way.

  • This contest is organized and hosted by the Mackenzie Computer Programming Team.
  • To encourage participation from students throughout Ontario, ECOO is providing $250 for prizes. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Visit the Lyon CTF 2022 site to for details, practice questions, rule book, and to register.