Projects Overview

The ECOO Board of Directors for 2018-19 identified a number of projects to pursue during the mandate of the Board.  Board members chose which project(s) they wished to be directly involved with.  The Treasurer and Conference Co-chair, given their significant portfolios, were not directly involved with projects.  Projects are just one aspect of the ongoing work of the ECOO Board of Directors.

Project Board Member(s) (alphabetical)
#ECOOcamp – Owen Sound Doug, Mary, Peter, Ramona
#ECOOcamp – Peterborough Mary, Peter
Membership Andrew, Peter
ISTE Adele, Jen
40th Anniversary Andrew
Partnerships / Outreach Doug, Mary, Melanie, Peter
SIGs Mary, Peter
Goals and Vision Adele, Andrew, Jen
Equity Adele, Jen
Student data / privacy Adele