ECOO 2010 Pecha Kucha

Below are links to the edited recordings of the Pecha Kucha sessions held this November at the ECOO 2010: Inspire, Connect, Learn! conference.

Active Image the Trailer
Dynamic Trailer for ECOO 2010
Pecha Kucha Presentations
Active Image Peter Skillen
Metaphoria: Understanding One Thing
in Terms of Another.
Sample Image Jamie Reaburn Weir
An Introduction to Pecha Kucha
Active Image Danika Barker
The Surprises the Come with Using
Social Networks in Education
Active Image Rodd Lucier
20 Things I Learned in Twitter
Active Image Kim McGill
Finding Myself in Technology:
Personalization – It’s about
Active Image Aviva Dunsinger
Teaching with Web 2.0 Technology
in a Grade 1/2 Classroom
Active Image Royan Lee
Social Media in Grade 7

Thanks go to Colin Jagoe of Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB for recording and editing the videos. The recordings are also available from the ECOO channel on YouTube .