SIGs – Special Interest Groups

“What’s old is new again.”  In the pre-Internet days of ECOO, Special Interest Groups – SIGs, were formed as a way to engage the membership in topic-specific groups where members met face-to-face from time to time.  SIGs are back;  this time they are virtual.

SIGs are part of the ECOO TeachOntario Hub.  Participants are required to have a TeachOntario account, available at no charge to all educators in publicly-funded schools in Ontario.  TeachOntario also supports First Nations schools in Ontario – contact for details.

Getting Started with ECOO SIGs

ECOO SIGs are found on TeachOntario – this URL will take you there:  You need to be a member of TeachOntario.  If you don’t already have access, registration is free using your board-provided email.

As a starting point and introduction to working with SIGs on TeachOntario, we have created two overarching SIGs.  One for Elementary and one for Secondary (not that people won’t explore both!). The purpose of each SIG is to answer the guiding question: “What are you doing in your classroom, using technology, that excites you?”

Five easy steps to participate:

  1. Click on
  2. Login to TeachOntario (Register if it’s your first visit)
  3. Select SIG-Elementary or SIG-Secondary
  4. Click on “Follow” – upper right side – (only on your first visit to the SIG)
  5. Click Blog Post and share something you are doing with #edtech in your classroom

Traditionally, SIGs have had a more narrow focus.  The development of such topic-specific SIGs will be a natural outcome from the two overarching SIGs.  Topic-specific SIGs will be added as topics are identified and people can also request the creation of a SIG.

SIG – Cybersecurity

Our first topic-specific SIG hosted by ECOO Member Tim King.

SIG – Teacher-Librarians

This SIG is hosted by ECOO Member Diana Malszewski

Project Lead:  Peter McAsh, President
Team Member:  Mary Walker Hope, Director at Large