Adele Stanfield Director at Large

Adele serves educators in a variety of ways.

Highlights include:

– member of the Transforming Learning Everywhere tech/inquiry initiative, since its inception as a pilot in 2014
– support staff and school administrators in developing and maintaining a clear philosophy of responsibility, safety, creativity and innovation
-founder and lead teacher on the Queen Victoria Parents & Technology – Committee from 2014 to the present
– provide support to K-8 teachers by co-planning, modelling instructional techniques and teaching them how to use technology purposefully
– led in-school PD on game-based learning, makerspace and design process, leveraging technology for assessment, using technology to enhance the literacy and math classrooms, using accessibility features on the iPad to support ESL and IEP students, how to use a wide variety of apps and applying app use authentically to instruction, digital citizenship
– lead contact at Queen Victoria between Board Computer Technician and the school for repairs and replacement
– collate, distribute technology for the school
– model authentic, creative and safe use of technology for educators and students
– created an authentic learning commons


  •  teachers are using digital technology in their instruction more often
  • teachers are differentiating more for students by using features on tablets and computers
  • students are more engaged in their learning and have more opportunities for choice and self-directed learning; students are safer online and know how to astutely navigate the world wide web

– 2015 and 2016, co-presented at HWDSB’s Rewired conference with HWDSB students on Garageband and iMovie, and on using technology to support ESL students
– 2014 and 2015, presented at HWDSB’s U-Service on Game-Based Learning IMPACT: educators realize the potential for digital tools, learned to use easily applied resources, learned the importance of being a co-learner with students
– Edcamp Hamilton Planning Committee, 2015-2016
– Bring It Together Conference, 2014-2017 co-presented with other HWDSB educators on Game-Based Learning in the Junior Classroom, Parent Engagement Within TLE and Beyond SAMR and Authentic Use of Technology in the Classroom
– in Fall, 2017, will be presenting on our learning from our Makerspace TLLP


  • capacity is built with a large community, audience is more knowledgeable about authentic use of digital tools;
  • participants shared that the learning was meaningful and will be taking back the ideas to their schools/boards to implement

Teacher Learning and Leadership Program, Ontario Ministry of Education – 2016-17
–  lead teacher in $48000 grant to inquire into the efficacy of using makerspace and design thinking to further STEM skills
– 2016-2017, co-led Ministry workshop on budgeting, for TLLP training, to many teachers from all over Ontario
– 2013-14, lead teacher in $25000 grant to inquire into the efficacy of using game-based learning to engage struggling learners


I will work to increase ECOO’s visibility as the ‘go to’ organization for Ontario educators with regards to current thinking, resources and connections for educational technology. I believe that ECOO can be a vibrant hub to gather the expertise of Ontario’s teachers and to share that with others. This could happen through special interest groups, frequent online communications, and regional or online events.