Colleen Rose Director at Large

Colleen Rose joined the ECOO Board in May 2018 as an interim Director-At-Large.

When I was introduced to Educational Technology, my life changed, both professionally and personally.  I began to blog and discovered that I had a lot more to say than I could have imagined.

I began to develop relationships with other educators through Twitter and I realized that I wasn’t alone; that I was supported, and that I could contribute to critical conversations that made an impact on decisions within our province.

ECOO’s annual conference, Bring IT Together, was my first opportunity to meet the people I had connected with online.  This was a place that encouraged curiosity, innovation and risk-taking. I’ve enjoyed contributing to BIT over the past four years as an attendee, a presenter and as a Conference Committee member.  I am happy to work with the Board of Directors as we extend the reach of ECOO beyond the annual conference and work to provide learning opportunities for educators throughout the province.

I believe that

  • there are ways to address the geographical challenges that limit educators from participating in conferences in Ontario.  
  • some educators would be willing to use technology if they had support to overcome their fears.
  • as vital as technology can be, it is most important to balance its use with other priorities in our lives.
  • technology can enhance creativity, communication and connections, if educators and students are allowed to choose the tools that meet their needs.

I have enjoyed a variety of learning and leadership experiences that will impact my work with ECOO:

  • I am a Regional Councillor for TVO, and enjoy studying the ways their organization uses technology to extend its reach throughout the province.
  • I work as a Mentor Leader for OTF, helping to guide teams as they complete projects to support personalized professional development.
  • I have participated and led TLLP projects over the past three years.
  • I’ve had the honour of presenting the keynote address at OSSTF’s Technology Conference
  • I have presented workshops at BIT, Minds On Media, and NOEL (Northern Ontario Leaders’ Conference).

You can find me online: