Peter McAsh Vice President

Seventy-five. That was my membership number for ECOO when I joined when the organization started in 1980.

My career in education started as classroom teacher for 34 years at St. Marys District Collegiate & Vocational Institute, Avon Maitland District School Board. I held the position of Head of Business, Computer, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Some of my teaching career highlights:

  • Instructor for Summer AQ courses at Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario – Data Processing, Computers in the Classroom.
  • Workshops / presentations for: ECOO, OBEA, CEMC, ACSE, ESRI, ConnectEd, edCamps.
  • Workshops / presentations / mentoring within my school and board.
  • Minds On Media learning station host.
  • Committee member responsible for the development, and subsequent adoption and implementation, of an educational computer plan for Perth County Board of Education.
  • First school in Avon Maitland DSB to implement Google Apps for students and teachers.
  • Designed / implemented a half-credit Grade 9 course, based on the BTT1O curriculum, using Google Apps. Every student was required to take the course to ensure they had a solid set of cross-curricular (life-time) information technology skills. The course is still required today.
  • Member of Bring IT, Together conference committee since 2013, responsible for social media (this is my last year on the committee).
  • Recipient of Award of Merit and Honourary Life Membership from OBEA.
  • Teaching Grade 10 girls how to program as part of the PC4Girls event at the University of Waterloo
  • Educational software development for Commodore PET in 1980’s, most notably a simulation of machine language programming – HYPO.
  • Experienced a variety of computer environments (as they came and went through my career) – Commodore PET, QNX, DOS, Windows, LANtastik, Novell.
  • Used the following programming languages: BASIC, C, Authority, Java, Alice, Scratch, App Inventor

I am at a stage in my career that I have the time required to devote to being on the Board of Directors for ECOO. The fall conference is currently ECOO’s major focus.

I will work with the new Board of Directors, other stakeholders, and the membership, to make ECOO more broadly focused providing year-round support for the membership.